Food for thought

Today we ornament ourselves with goods & services more to make an impression on other people’s minds that to enjoy owning a chunk of the matter. Many products are signals first and this explains why the biggest companies in the world spend so much on branding

— Geoffrey Miller, evolutionary psychologist

Beauty & well-being

Galina Recommends: facial massagers

Pandemic highlighted a lot of things for many of us. We all rediscovered long-forgotten hand-washing techniques our grandmothers taught us; our love for de-cluttering, baking, binge watching favourite read more


Green & Clean Beauty: did we lose our way ?

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The Fall Refresh: new Asquith London collection

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Q & A with Bloomeffects Founders

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Galina Reviews: Nourish London Antioxidant Peptide Face Mist

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Empowering Kids with Mighty Cards

I think we can all agree that it’s not just the adults that have felt the brunt of the pandemic, but children as well. Not being able to go to school or nursery for months, not seeing their friends, read more

Travel/out & about

The art of giving joy: The Connaught Patisserie

The Connaught Hotel hasn’t been immune to the effects of pandemic that continue to cause aftershocks. Yet the team behind the exquisite hotel located at the heart of Mayfair in read more

Women’s issues

Facial massage with Anastasia Achilleos & Westman Atelier

I was inclined to title this post ‘lessons from the elders’ and hope it will become more apparent why, as you read on. Recently my darling friend Anastasia Achilleos, read more