Food for thought

‘Words Are Like Spells. Use Them Wisely!’

— Gisele

Beauty & well-being

New Unbeelievable Launches: Bee Calm & Bee Rested

Sarah Orecchia, founder of the British supplement brand Unbeelievable Health, combines two of her passions when it comes[...] read more


‘Untitled: the real Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor’ by Anna Pasternak

Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, has been a much vilified character due to her role in the history of the British monarchy and like many, I had a rather negative opinion of her and was in no[...] read more


Mmaa Social – or the feelgood way to shop

The world seems to be ruled by the people and brands that are constantly selling us something. While older generation seems to be more selective about their purchases, younger generation, driven by[...] read more


Second Chances – how Bobbi Brown decided NOT to rest on her laurels

I think Bobbi Brown is one of those remarkably successful women, who many of us can, at least internally, relate to without feeling intimidated by the scope of her professional achievements. She is[...] read more


Curiosity Gap review: Vanderohe No.1 duo

British skincare brand Vanderohe first came to my attention in 2017, when Olivia Thorpe launched her first skincare baby, No.1[...] read more


Mii News ‘Q & A’ with children’s author Kieran Larwood

Ever since I can remember myself, books were a big part of my life. Everyone in my family has been a voracious reader and one of my grandfather’s was an illustrator for  one of Russia’s[...] read more

Travel/out & about

Hawthbush farm – where Amly heartbeat lives

Arriving in Lewes on the train straight from London makes you shift gears downwards almost instantly, as fresh air hits your lungs & you notice people moving with less urgency. It wasn’t my[...] read more

Women’s issues

We need to talk about Boots and the way retailers showcase ‘weight management’

I have been shopping at Boots for as long as I can remember – well, since my teens that’s for sure. I also adore pharmacies – and[...] read more