Food for thought

Today we ornament ourselves with goods & services more to make an impression on other people’s minds that to enjoy owning a chunk of the matter. Many products are signals first and this explains why the biggest companies in the world spend so much on branding

— Geoffrey Miller, evolutionary psychologist

Beauty & well-being

Eyes Have It: Westman Atelier launches Eye Pods

The timing of the new Westman Atelier launch, Eye Pods, is serendipitous. Yet Gucci Westman has been developing Eye Pods for two years, so she couldn’t read more


Galina Reviews: Frances Cha “If I Had Your Face”

I was lucky to get my hands on the early digital copy of Frances Cha “If I Had Your Face” in June thanks to Penguin Random House read more


Asquith SS20 collection preview & interview

Athleisure is a busy marketplace, with cool niche brands aiming to appeal to sporty millennials, vying for attention alongside the offerings from big luxury brands. But what if you don’t want read more


Q & A with Bloomeffects Founders

Launching into the beauty marketplace was increasingly challenging even before pandemic started its unfortunate read more


Galina Reviews: Nourish London Antioxidant Peptide Face Mist

Dr Pauline Hili, founder of beauty brand Nourish London, knows much more than most about efficacy of ingredients in skincare. Organic skincare expert with over 30 years of read more


HappySelf launches a 12+ Journal

Building up on the enormous success of the original HappySelf Journal that was launched into read more

Travel/out & about

French wellness brand Aime pops-up in London

Nowadays more and more of us are starting to make an internal connection between body and beauty. French wellness brand Aime, founded by friends and business partners Mathilde read more

Women’s issues

Facial massage with Anastasia Achilleos & Westman Atelier

I was inclined to title this post ‘lessons from the elders’ and hope it will become more apparent why, as you read on. Recently my darling friend Anastasia Achilleos, read more