Food for thought

”The Loudest Have Taken Over, Even If They Have Nothing To Say”

— Susan Cain

Beauty & well-being

Brand Spotlight: Fifty7Kind

We gravitate towards a beauty brand for a variety of reasons. Some appeal visually, others do their marketing irresistibly well. What tends to draw my attention is the innovation, story and the engagement, read more


Galina’s January Star Reads

January signals the beginning of a new year and often brings with it quite a long list of new book publications. A few years ago we were bombarded with books about weight loss, diets and ‘new read more


The Fall Refresh: new Asquith London collection

Pandemic has put a spanner in the works this year and changed many things for us all. One of them being how and what we dress in, while combining home and work under one roof. As someone who likes to read more


Q & A with Tami Blake, founder of Free and True Skincare

Tami Blake wears many hats every day. She is a mother, a licensed esthetician, a certified cosmetic coach, an eco-warrior, an active lifestyle adopter, an adventurer and a beauty entrepreneur. read more


Defying powerhouse: AMLY Eye Care

It’s been said that eyes are the mirror of the soul, but they are ‘framed’ by something no less important. You might already know that the skin around the eye is delicate, but it’s read more


The Dark Side of Tik Tok

I mulled about writing this post for a while, because ultimately it comes down to putting my own neck on the line and voicing something that I know will be unpopular with many of you who are read more

Travel/out & about

The art of giving joy: The Connaught Patisserie

The Connaught Hotel hasn’t been immune to the effects of pandemic that continue to cause aftershocks. Yet the team behind the exquisite hotel located at the heart of Mayfair in read more

Women’s issues

My 2020 Life Lessons

If you follow me on social media or read my blog posts you will probably already know that I am not the one to overshare deeply personal staff online for a multitude of reasons. In part because I like read more