Honey Tree Bespoke Stationers-or it’s not just Smythson that you can order your stationary from

I consider myself a modern woman in many ways but my love for stationary might seem old-fashioned to some, as we live in the world where increasingly people are more likely to exchange e-mails than write hand-written notes or thank you cards.

When I was born, my paternal grandparents were living and working in Rome, so my grandfather has been sending me cute cards weekly, until the time came for him to come to Moscow and meet me in person. And when I moved to London in my teens with my parents, as my father worked in the City, both my grandfather and grandmother wrote touching & detailed weekly letters, describing their life to me and asking me a million questions about mine-I still have them and they mean a great deal to me. It is actually one of the reasons while I prefer sending handwritten cards, thank you notes, Christmas or birthday cards-they are personal and meaningful. When I was recently approached by Honey Tree Publishing, who create illustrated and personalised stationary, I found it hard to contain my delight, because their online shop seemed like the treasure chest brimming with wonderfully exciting products.

Honey Tree Bespoke was founded in 2008 by Lizbeth Holstein & Sebastian Galbraith-Helps. The idea came about out of Lizbeth’s own frustration at finding personal thank you cards-not just plain correspondence cards or the ones where art was generated by the computer. Lizbeth started doing illustrations on plain cards for friends and colleagues and eventually the concept came into focus, backed up by the constantly expanding portfolio of Lizbeth’s own illustrations that a customer can choose from, on any type of stationary. The company retains ‘recommended illustrations’ in order not to overwhelm you with the choice-but take my word for it, you will feel very spoilt, like a child who all of sudden found himself in a candy store with noone to stop him from grabbing what he likes .) The company personally prints all orders in order to control 100% of business and you can choose artworks for 30 stationary products that Honey Tree Bespoke currently offers.


The customer base of Honey Tree Bespoke Stationers is quite variable-from babies ( when their proud parents order birth announcement cards ) to children ( when their mothers order birthday party invitations or play-date invites ) to young men and women ready to announce their entrance into the professional field ( with business cards ) or into a serious relationship with engagement/marriage announcements, to personalised stationary or household labels and gift tags.

The products that Honey Tree Bespoke Stationers offer can be divided into the following groups:

Personalised Stationary ( business/correspondence cards, change of address, personalised invitations, premium writing paper or thank you cards etc  )

Invitations & Announcements ( you can have bespoke solutions to invitations and anniversaries, as well as baby shower invites, corporate invitations, christenings, RSVP cards or commissioned artwork etc )


Christmas ( perfect for this time of the year, so do check the current offers and dates for Christmas correspondence cards, gift labels & tags or New Year party invitations ). At the moment you can have a 10% on your order of Christmas or New Year cards, as well as free postage and packing. There is something so charming to be able to use the design that you actually like and to have a personal message inscribed inside, not just the general wording that you get from store bought ones! Another incentive is that £1 from every pack sold is donated by Honey Tree to Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres, really helping to fight this terrible disease that affects so many people, irrespective of their age.  

The cards are available as a set or individually and include matching envelopes.


Wedding Boutique ( bespoke studio, wedding invitations-including a free sample, order of service with ribbon & printed insert, save the date cards, hen party/stag do, name place tags etc. )

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