Wellness Know How: Ilapothecary

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Spotlight on Acne: Review of Ra Oils ‘Eternal Radiance Oil’ and ‘Clear Skin Cleanser’

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Curiosity Gap Spotlight: Ra Oils & interview with the founder Frida Jonsdottir

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How to help children de-stress: The HappySelf Journal

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From cynic to fan: Jade Beauty Head Massage Tool from Hayou Method

While I am a big fan of quality hair brushes, like Kent, Tangle Teezer or Wet Brush, that don’t irritate the scalp, nor pull your hair out when brushing, recent hype about jade & rose quartz head massage tools has left me cold – yet another expensive tool that we don’t need in our arsenal, I thought to myself. Yet the images of Chinese concubines and Japanese geishas brushing their gloriously long and glossy manes kept swirling in my mind and when an opportunity to try the launched in October

Jade Beauty
[...] read more

Spotlight on Hair: Grow Strong Duo from Mauli Rituals

Hair is such a defining part of us that when the hairline starts reseading or hair starts to fall out, we panic. Sadly factors like pollution, increased stress, tragic events and passing of time only contribute to our hair going from glossy and lush to sparse, as does our failure to look after the health of our scalp. You only need to compare your teen pictures to the pictures of you now to really notice a marked difference. While your diet, DNA and medical history play an important role in the health and ‘look’ of the hair, the products that you use to look after it, as well as your scalp’s ‘state’ can contribute to an improvement. The people of India, according to Mauli Rituals co-founder Bittu Kaushal, have always used pure herbal shampoos, conditioners and treatments oils to nourish the scalp. So newly launched duo, Mauli Rituals Grow Strong Shampoo and Conditioner,  was developed to give you a helping hand in improving the health of your scalp and hair. All you need to do is to take action and be patient, as change, like improvement, take time.

‘In a bid to combat the impact of pollution, stress and ageing, we tend to shampoo hair and scalp with harsh chemicals, yet this only adds to the damage already[...] read more