A girlfriend’s e-mail or what is Genetic Roulette?

I can always rely on my dear friend Tawna ( who runs the most wonderful organic baby skincare brand Tawna Hill Baby-it works really well on babies delicate skin, as well as babies who have sensitive or eczema prone skin. I am impartial to THB hydrating spray ( that doubles up as baby changing spray ) and milk & oatmeal bath powder myself-particularly at times when my skin feels a little dry ) to keep me up-to-date with things relating to health matters and yesterday was no exception, when I received an e-mail from her, the quote from which you can read just below:

” I feel this is so important for everyone to watch this for the health of our future families – it is only available to watch free for one week, so please make some time, especially if you have or know anyone that has or has had any health issues… this may be the answer some of them. Please share with people you care about!’

The Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods

I started watching the documentary last night ( I watched about 30 minutes so far, as the facts are scarily thought provoking, making me really pause for thought-it’s true, we all live very hectic lifestyles, balancing work and family needs and often, even with the best intentions, we just don’t have the time to stop and read the list of ingredients for the foods that we buy from the supermarkets, which is what we all really do need to start doing. Why? Watch Jeffrey Smith’s ‘Genetic roulette GMO’ documentary and you will understand within minutes how precious our lives are and how careful we need to be with the food that we put in our mouth-the consequences might be far reaching…..
p.s the documentary is free to watch for one week only

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