A great find from Cult Beauty team-Fix Malibu

I have been meaning to rave about the Fix Malibu brand for a while now, but as I have used it for a couple of months now, Ifixmalibu cannot be accused of not being objective in my praise .)

Fix Malibu originated in…yes, you guessed it, in sunny Malibu and people living there know a thing or two about the effect of sun on our skin-both good (we need sunshine to feel good) and the bad (prolonged sun exposure can lead to burns and even skin cancer). This American developed brand is founded by Rebecca Giles M.D. and her mission is to address the issue of sun-damaged skin. She does make a point that her skincare needs to be combined with a broad sunscreen-on that condition, you will see the effectiveness in prevention of wrinkles, pigmentation and redness.

I have started using ‘The Works’ anti-ageing moisture cream a few days after returning from my summer holidays and have to say that my skin is loving this lightweight but very effective cream. My face looks plumped and glowing and it still gives my skin enough hydration (combined with a serum underneath) during this cooler, autumn weather. As an added bonus the white/lime green bottle is pleasing on the eye and the creme smells really nice too.

p.s the range also includes an antioxidant smoothing serum, a clarifying facial wash ( quite good for warmer months), an eye cream and an exfoliating powder wash which is quite a clever product and great if you travel a lot).


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