A meeting and a mini facial with Tata Harper at Content store

I have been hearing about Tata Harper and her skincare products for over a year now and was lucky to try a few of them ( my favourite until recently have been Tata’s Strengthening body lotion and her Restorative eye cream, which, truth be told, is a bit pricey but the effect that it has is very much worth it-it plumps, smooths, lifts and helps with dark shadows and signs of fatigue, restoring your under eye area to youth-well, almost ! ) but the thing that peaked my attention the most was her skin. Last year, when Tata Harper products were snapped up to be stocked at larger SpaceNK stores ( as well as online via my favorite organic emporium Content Well-being), she came to London to do the products launch, which unfortunately I didn’t get to attend. When I popped into the SpaceNK branch the following day, all the sales girls could talk about was Tata’s ‘perfect, luminous skin’ the like of which they have never seen in real life, they said-a pretty powerful compliment I would say!

Fast forward a year, and I got a chance to attend an intimate event that Content was hosting with Tata. On a cool autumn evening, as dawn was starting to envelop the city, I came into the store and saw Tata, smiling broadly. Her eyes sparkled, her skin glowed ( the sales girls were completely honest on that occasion ) and she radiated peaceful calm, while welcoming women streaming through the front door, and chatting with all of us as if we were old friends.

tata & me

Tata was born and raised in Columbia but her family moved to the US when she was a teenager and the only giveaway of her roots, is the slight South American lull in her voice. She said that she was always interested in looking good, taking care of her face and her body but she didn’t plan a career in the beauty industry ( Tata has an industrial engineering degree ) until fate intervened.

Tata started telling us about the products, describing each one in detail but the best thing was that we all got to have a mini facial with Tata Harper products and Tata herself assisted each one of us, while explaining the purpose and the ingredients of each product that we applied to our face. Passers-by were amused to see women of different ages vigorously taking the make-up off and applying/massaging the products into their skin-everyone present seemed happily amused, as the room filled with laughter and curiosity vibes.


Tata Harper has two cleansers: a Refreshing one ( it has become an integral part of my morning skincare routine now ) and a Regenerating one. What is very clever about the Refreshing one is that it gives you a ‘double cleanse’. You apply it to your dry face, massaging it all over, while inhaling a beautiful aroma of herbs and flowers and then you add a little bit of water to it. The cleansing sensation expands and your face feels clean and moisturised at the same time. The Regenerating cleanser is better used a couple of times a week, as it helps to shift dead skin cells that come to the surface and prevent out skin from looking radiant.


We then moved on to applying Tata Harper Resurfacing mask ( it has recently been reformulated to make it even more potent ) that is genius because it’s transparent in colour-how many of us are too embarrassed to put on a mask in the evening because it makes us look like a zombie at best-not a great look for enticing males I must say. This  mask actually makes you look pretty and you can keep it on for 30 minutes, allowing it to dry completely and then washing it off. One of the most noticeable effects of this mask is the pore reduction and the even skin tone that you see in the mirror.

Tata talked to us about homeopathy and aromatherapy, especially the clinical grade aromatherapy that plays an important part in our lifestyle, acting as a ‘release’ mechanism for such signs of our times as stress, anxiety, irritability and feeling unsettled, after a particularly hectic day. You apply Tata Harper’s roller ball ( irritability treatment, stress treatment or bedtime treatment) to your pulse points on your wrists, behind your ears, as well as the palms of your hands, and take a few deep breaths ( Tata suggests inhaling at least eight times for the effect to be molecularly effective for the hypothalamus and your senses ). I can’t say about other women, but I definitely felt more serene after using the ‘Irritability’ roller ball and following Tata’s soothing voiced instructions ( so much so that I now take it with me when I know that I might be rattled or stressed and it is fast becoming my helpful friend ).


After taking the mask off with a warm muslin cloth ( thank you Imelda, Laura and Erin for taking care of all the mundane yet very important details during the evening and Radiance, the juice cleanse company, for supplying the juices-so fresh and delicious, I felt buzzy and healthy even the next day ! ) Tata generously sprayed our faces with Hydrating Floral Essence that actively boosts the skin’s production of hyaluronic acid, thus ‘cushionning’ the collagen and elastin fibres. As Tata explained ‘real moisture isn’t needed on top of your skin, but at the bottom layer’. Post application your skin feels plumper and smoother, as if a fairy godmother has waved her magic wand.

One of Tata Harper’s top selling and strongest, in terms of ingredient concentration and final result, products is Rejuvenating Serum. It works on all three levels of collagen fibres and contains Spanish lavender, to sooth your senses and relax facial muscles-quite handy for me, as I think I was born frowning and articulating. The serum itself smells a little of rosemary ( that is very comforting in itself ) but most importantly it sculpts and firms the face ( if you use it on its own, due to its lifting effect, you skin might feel a little taught, so I would suggest following it up with your usual moisturiser or one of Tata’s-a Rebuilding or a Repairative one).


Serums, from Tata’s point of view, are very important anti-ageing tools, as they target the collagen fibres and help to improve and promote their ‘health’. When collagen ‘webs’, it breaks, so Tata Harper serum, which contains 29 actives ( in this context the term ‘active’ means that the ingredients work on a deeper level, helping the process of cellular renewal from deep inside to the surface ).    

There are two types of moisturisers: a Repairative one, as well as the Rebuilding one. You choose one that suits your skin and apply it from your forehead to your chest-only too often we forget to apply cream to our decollete and neck and pay for it dearly later, when they give away our age. Tata Harper’s moisturisers don’t contain perfume but smell of natural ingredients and flowers, some of which are grown on Tata’s farm in Vermont ( as her family had farmlands in Columbia, she missed the open spaces and the beauty when her family moved to the US. Tata says that her farm is part of the agricultural community and ‘not just the weekend place’ but it is certainly a serene place that offers welcome respite form the hectic lifestyle that Tata leads-she is not only running a very successful and growing business, but is a mother to three children varying in ages from three years to five months. I looked at her with slight awe throughout the evening, thinking to myself ‘how does she do it and looks so serene and at peace with herself and the world around her? Is it a sign of a truly happy person who found her place on the Earth and is fulfilling her destiny? ).

We then moved on to talking and applying Tata’s Replenishing Nutrient Complex that acts like a multi-vitamin for the skin that is topically applied. This product works great as part of your travel kit ( small but effective ) but most importantly, it helps to clear one’s complexion, as well as regulate the oil production.


With the facial done, Tata was open to answering the questions that we all had, so I started with asking her about her beauty and health secrets. Tata says that she takes reservatol, which helps repair DNA, as well as flaxseed, ‘tonns of omegas’, tumeric ( a great antioxidant ), Vitamin D ( its lack can lead to all kinds of problems from irritability to depression ) and biotin ( Tata has the most beautiful mane of hair, shiny, glossy and healthy-the woman is truly perfect when you look at her ) and tries to do a purification once a month.



How she remains calmly serene, while managing her business ( her team now counts about 40 people ), being a wife, a mother, a woman? Tata says that she finds meditation very useful, often using mantras from Deepak Chopra that help to balance the chakras ( she often listens to them while en route in her travels ).

What is also fascinating about Tata’s journey is that she started her business, spurred on by her stepfather’s cancer diagnosis. While helping him get better, together with the medical team, she re-evaluated lifestyle choices, the products that they were putting on the skin and the food that was consumed daily, looking into their nutritional value. Unlike many beauty brands, Tata started her skincare range with asking the chemists ( about eight of them ) to create products based around certain, well-researched by her, ingredients that will nurture and improve the appearance of skin, as well as hopefully reduce the odds of the skin loosing out to the environmental factors and ‘delaying the wrinkles from happening’. All of her products are packaged in glass ( when she started the product development, which took about five years, she didn’t think of the packaging, so it was very simple in the beginning and recently has been updated and relaunched ). By using glass bottles & recycled paper labels, you are not only nurturing yourself and your skin, you are making a difference to the environment, without adding to the already existing toxic imprint. About 10% of the ingredients used in Tata Harper range are grown on her farm in Vermont and others are sources from around the world, based on their potency, bio-compatability and quality.

Since starting her skincare and body range, Tata has been testing all the products on herself and admits to not using anything else on her skin now. She also added that she now uses less make-up, only needing mascara, gloss and a little bit of blusher when attending business meetings and her glowing, beautiful complexion really does speak for itself it terms of the efficacy of the Tata Harper range. 

Do you want to know what was the most amazing thing that I observed that evening? The effect that Tata Harper products had on our skin. We all, women of different ages and professions converged on Content after a full day’s work, dressed up and looking nicely made-up. We all left bare-faced, with no make-up in sight, yet we all looked sensational-glowing skin, healthy and radiating happiness. If that is not the best advertisement to the transformative effect of Tata Harper skincare, I don’t know what is.



www.beingcontent.co.ukif you live in the UK. Keep any eye on their newsletters, as the store is due to launch an exclusive Tata Harper facial very soon.


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