Aacua bath time

AacuaAacua2It slightly annoys me that Britain is a bit behind the US in terms of fun and innovative products for kids. Take babies delicate skin-if one has eczema, you are busted-hardly anything not chemically loaded on the market that really works-thank God my lovely friend Tawna, of Tawna Hill Baby, ships to London or Europe, if you ask nicely .)

Now I have a new bath time favourite and it’s called Aacua(as in agua, water, in Spanish). Maamam, the company that produces this lovely product was started by two friends Houda & Ana. Houda told me that  they ”want to have unusual names for all our products since one of our requirements is that they should all be unique” and it really makes kid’s bath time a cosy treat when you have to get your baby or toddler out of the bath or shower.

It is a super absorbent apron (made from super soft 100% terry cotton) that is a 4 in 1 product:

-it acts as a towel and dries your child’s skin quickly and softly

-you can swaddle your baby when they are tiny after giving him or her a bath

-when baby becomes toddler the towel becomes a sleeveless bathrobe

and of course, you use it as an apron while bathing the little one-your hands are free, you are dry, and it looks cute too .)

The service is speedy and you will get your questions, if you will have any, answered efficiently too, unlike many baby companies in London that give you a nervous breakdown or heartburn after you speak to them….

Personally I think Aacua makes a wonderful baby gift-it can be personalised with the child’s name and will make both the mummy and baby really happy.


p.s the site gives clear instructions and also had demonstration videos, which come handy, especially if you feel slightly frazzled after having a new baby.

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