Galina Achkasova-Portianoi

Galina Atchkassova-Portianoi

I was born & raised in Moscow, but came to London in my teens, which in many ways helped to infuse my Russian soul with European mentality.

Having gained a degree in International Economic Relations at MGIMO, I continued my studies in London’s City University, choosing Banking & International Finance. After interning & working at several companies & banks, including Barclays, N M Rothschild’s & Euromoney Publications, I decided to switch direction, focussing on my love of reading & writing.

After gaining a postgrad journalism degree from London School of Journalism, I launched a website Curious Russian In London (now The Curiosity Gap) at the end of 2009. I write on a variety of subjects, putting spotlight on brands & creative people that are worthy of your attention in our information-overloaded world. My aim is to help you make informed choices, improve your life for the better and have an open dialogue on things that are important in the moment in time.

I also work with brands within beauty & wellness in the consultanting capacity and enjoy wearing two hats: that of a customer, as well as a journalist. Not advertising on my website, nor doing sponsored posts, is a conscious choice. My views are my own, based on my personal experiences and vast amount of research.

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