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Not so long ago I noticed a copy of a magazine on the shelf of the newsagent that I haven’t seen before. It was a much thicker edition than usual, its cover less glossy but more attention grabbing in its quiet dignity and it was called ABOVE (for the Earth).

ABOVE covers environmental issues but in an interesting, informative but not at all patronising way. You have interviews with Ted Turner and Lapo Elkann, Sam Roddick & Ali Hewson, model Ines Sastre & facialist Vaishaly Patel among others, photos by Giles Bensimon & Peter Beard, fascinating articles on Earthships-and no, it’s not at all what you think it will be about .), illicit trade on rare wildlife, unusual eco-resort on a remote Indonesian island Sumba and quite a few interesting tips on eating, clothes and beauty.  

Everything about this magazine is unusual- the fonts, the layouts, the photos some of which remind me of National Geographic, the flow of the words and the sincerity of its speakers. Definitely the one to get for your bedside reading.

Winter 2009-10 issue priced £5


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