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In our fast moving times the best way to develop a business, if you work in beauty, is by responding to what consumer wants and needs, but walk, not run when it comes to development and product launch. British natural beauty brand Amly started their business this way and even though they now have a confidence in their stride, as well as loyalty of both customers and retailers, they still don’t rush their formulating and creative process. Their newly launched trio of Discovery Kits (DETOX, RADIANCE & SLEEP) is a testament to this approach of holistic growth and taking lessons from nature’s seasonality.

Amly is the name of the ancient, abundant and organic wildflower meadow beneath which flows the mineral-rich spring water that plays the lead strings in Amly products. Many of the plants used thrive in green & fertile fields, abundant hedgerows and flower-filled meadows where bees and other insects joyously hum and thrive. All of them form a unique environment which inspires Lisa and Kerry’s creativity and vision for Amly.

As the brand crafted and created by women for women (men and children can use it too) it’s not only efficacy, but practicality is also considered. Hence each AMLY product can be used independently or incorporated into your current skincare routine, morning and night. Once you are more familiar with the products, you might consider following a four stage “AMLY Effect” routine = Cleanse + Mist + Essence + Oil/Serum/Balm.

When creating each of the three kits (perfect for a weekend getaway, work trip, office drawer – well, not SLEEP Kit, as most bosses will frown on you sleeping in the workplace or misting your co-workers to sleep .) Lisa and Kerry worked with another creative power-force & local resident, Molly Mahon. Molly is a multi-talented block printer, who works with fabrics and wallpaper, creating gorgeous interiors & fabrics and lives close to Hawthbush Farm in East Sussex, where AMLY’s heart beats. Together three women dreamed up gorgeous pouches and Molly’s block print sleeves, each corresponding to products and theme.

The SLEEP Kit contains Deep Reveal Cleanser & Mask (15ml), a muslin cloth, Beauty Sleep Mist (15ml) and Sleep Tight Balm (10ml). Offering a softly dreamy scent (each of the three products has a unique one that falls beautifully in line with the other two) this trio offers nurturing and regeration for your skin. Each assists overnight cellular renewal and their botanicals help enhance skin suppleness, while supporting natural pattern of restful sleep.

As “Deep Reveal” is Amly’s latest launch in terms of single products, I thought it’s worth sharing some thoughts on it, as I tried it when it was launched a few months ago. It offers a dual functionality – as a daily cleanser and a weekly mask. While its scent blends perfectly with Amly product family, it’s sublime texture – both light & nurturing – is something that your skin will luxuriate in, as the product is massaged or applied to the skin. The marriage of texture and scent and the journey you will be taken on, from scooping it up from the jar (it comes with a walnut spatula and a muslin cloth, when you buy a full-sized product), inhaling the scent will be akin to a mediative nirvana you will experience as you massage it tenderly into the skin, melting make-up, pollutants and impurities away. A truly special ritual that will help put a perfect ending to any kind of day.

Whatever kit you choose – whether you need to improve the quality of your rest at night with SLEEP, RADIANCE of your skin that might have been impacted by hectic lifestyle or DETOX that will help re-energise & clarify your complexion, you will notice the changes not only in your skin, but your overall mood as well.

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