AMLY Essential Oil Blends: Sanctuary In Scent

If you love beauty, new launches come along to tease you all the time. But when you have known the brand from its early days and have observed the journey, new additions make your heart a flatter in anticipation. That’s exactly the emotion that I felt when Kerry and Lisa, founders of AMLY, announced their new products and new category – wellbeing. Four AMLY Essential Oil Blends couldn’t have been launched at a more appropriate time.

Weighty wellness: AMLY Essential oil blends

Every beauty idea and product, like a baby, takes time to be conceived, developed, grown and launched into the world. So I know that the new segment for AMLY is something that the brand planned to do for quite some time, especially considering Kerry’s professional background and holistic qualifications. The four newbies, AMLY essential oil blends – HEARTEN, GROUND, RESTORE and PURIFY – took time to be craft, but I am certain they will be welcome by customer hands, noses and lungs with gratitude and appreciation. Now more than ever, when the world is still in the firm grip of uncertainty and fear, we need little daily self-care rituals that will help us thrive, be calmer, more steady on our feet, rather than living under the constant long shadow of apprehension.

  • HEARTEN, 10ml, £75: encapsulating the scent and effect of walking through AMLY’s organic wildflower meadow, this oil is a sophisticated union of uplifting florals. Complementing AMLY’s RADIANCE family, this oil blend brightens and revives with intoxicating combination of Rose Otto, Jasmine and Neroli, elevating the mood, boosting positivity and reinvigorating the senses.
  • GROUND, 10ml, £50: a complex blend of protective essential oils, this one aligns with AMLY’s DETOX family. It will help calm down the nervous system, re-energise and detoxify with exquisite oils of Niaouli, Juniper and Frankincense. Expect clarity of mind, stronger resilience to environmental aggressors, boost to energy levels & counteracting diverse types of stress.
  • RESTORE, 10ml, £40: will send tenderness to the body & signal readiness to rest for the mind. Precious blend of essential oils will support AMLY’s SLEEP family & act as a powerful ally against anxiety. A soothing blend of heavenly oils of Ylang Ylang, Rose Geranium, Clary Sage and Valerian to support natural process of rest. It will help to comfort the body and mind and prepare it for a restorative night’s sleep.
  • PURIFY, 10ml, £30: stimulating the atmosphere around us, this mighty blend of high quality essential oils was created with the knowledge of their antimicrobial, antiseptic and antiviral properties. A combination of wonderful Thyme, Rosemary and Eucalyptus creates a magnificent synergy to enhance the natural process of cleansing and protecting. It will help support family’s joint immunity, will be a helpful flying or travelling assistant, as well as unseen guardian during your travel on the public transport, in the office or in crowded spaces – if we ever will be reunited at concerts, stadiums and theatres again. This blend will also help you when you are nursing colds or flu.
GROUND & RESTORE the emotions with ANLY Essential oil blend duo

AMLY entered beauty marketplace humbly, but confidently with their spectacular face mists and grew the brand by thoughtfully expanding their skincare offerings. But time was ripe this year for Lisa and Kerry to set foot into self-care, in order to bring customers new products to nourish both minds and bodies. Expect sensorially exquisite experiences, where your nose will be able to tell the difference between the AMLY essential oil blends and those that you can buy cheaply on Amazon. I truly believe that when it comes to essential oils, one needs to be ‘picky’, making sure you don’t compromise on what your lungs inhale & skin is exposed to. If anything, those blends will also help you rediscover the practise of deeper and calmer breathing that we know so well as babies, yet forget as we grow up and get engulfed by the speedy pace of the world.

AMLY Essential Oil Blends safety information

“Essential oil is the oily liquid obtained from plants through a variety of processes, each usually has the smell of the original plant. Most of essential oils are easily vaporized. Since ancient times essential oils have been used as preservatives. Large number of essential oils have antiseptic & germicidal qualities, but they are primarily used for fragrances and flavourings”

Ruth Winter, “A Consumer’s Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients”

Each blend is a smart multi-tasker, derived from the purest natural sources that offer health benefits to your body and mind. Aromachology, the art and science of using naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants, will help bring mind, body and spirit in balance – be it via humidifier mist in your home, a few drops on the edge of your pillow or yoga mat, on the burner or diluted into the carrier oil for a full body massage. Through your sense of touch you will have an additional layer of natural healing & comforting reassurance for frayed emotions.

An olfactory imprint is also one of AMLY’s building blocks. Kerry and Lisa are driven by their internal passion for nature and its ability to deepen our emotional connection. Nature’s essence connecting to ours and the synergy singing together in unison, like the gentle wind stroking the foliage of the forrest ever so gently. AMLY worked with their own aromachologist, while developing this wellness range, trying to craft aromatic formulations that will transform mood, inspire memories, change behaviour for the better, as well as uplift or calm the emotions. Trust your nose or oil blend description to choose the “right” blend for your needs right now and use it regularly, paying attention to how you feel before and after.

Curiosity Gap: How To Use AMLY Essential Oil Blends

When two beautiful bottles, RESTORE and GROUND, arrived on my doorstep this week, cold weather tried not only to rule autumn, but our bodies too. I smiled as soon as I dipped my fingers into the strands of hay-like packaging, marvelling at the beauty of the drawings on the accompanying leaflets. AMLY believes that no touch is too small, no detail should be overlooked. I know that as soon as I gaze at any AMLY product that I use, I will internally relax just a little bit, anticipating an intriguing journey on which my senses & skin will be taken. At the time when mass production rules the airwaves, I crave products that are personal and created by people who are truly passionate about wellbeing, internal and external, on a deep, rather than superficial, level.

AMLY gratitude altar

When I unscrewed the lids and let me children smell the two oils, asking them which ones they preferred in the moment in time, my daughter closed her eyes and inhaled RESTORE with the visible pleasure reflecting on her features. ‘Oh Jesus, that’s amazing!” were the words that she almost whispered, a smile playing on her face. You also have to consider that within any daily skincare regime there are only two things that get through our skin into the bloodstream – man-made chemicals and…essential oils. It also happens that essential oils have natural properties that can address all aspects of human health – be it mental, physical or emotional.

How to Use ( as recommended by Kerry): “we would advise dropping the oils into the carrier oil ( for example our newly launched this month Cocoon Me replenishing Body and Hair Oil, which doesn’t contain any scent or essential oils) to be used on the skin or in the bath. Each one can also be used in diffusers ( or the new AMLY Kits that need to be seen to be believed, with AMLY’s unique innovative packaging). You can also put a drop or two on pulse points when combined with oils or dropped into water for inhalation.”

Bare in mind that when essential oils are diluted in plant-based oils, not only they retain their original energy, but their natural properties too. When you apply the diluted oil blend directly to your skin, the natural body heat and friction of application will encourage small essential oil molecules to separate from the carrier plant oil and travel through skin pores or hair follicles, with small traces being picked up by the body’s bloodstream, so make sure your skin is clean when you apply the oils. Another tip is to use energetic & firm strokes, so oil can travel deeper into the skin.

“When we engage our senses, we are more able to be mindful and present in the moment – this is vital for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. These new Essential Oils take the three original signature blends alongside our new Purify essential oil to extend the Self- Care element into our immediate environment to further enhance our wellbeing.”

Kerry Moore, co-founder of AMLY & biodynamic craniosacral therapist
aAMLY Wellbeing: Restore pure essential oil blend

While I have only had the pleasure of using GROUND & RESTORE for a couple of days, I have already become emotionally attached to them. I use them in the humidifier around the home, as one of my children is nursing a cold, I smell them as I research and type in the notes on my computer, I dip it on the edge of my yoga mat as I practise calming or challenging poses. On each occasion I notice that my breath slows down, my mind clears and I feel better in my skin, no matter what’s going on in my life – and right now it is anything but calm. So I am particularly grateful that the things that we need or lack actually appear in our lives exactly when we need them to.

To find out in more detail about Amly Wellbeing, please click here

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