Anastasia Beverley Hills-treats for your eyebrows

Lately eyebrows have been in the spotlight, partially thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge, as when she does something ( be it her choice of outfit or the make-up that she is supposedly using ), many women rush to get their hands on those items.

I always had quite prominent eyebrows, mercifully not as bushy as USSR’s former Secretary General Leonid Brezhnev’s ( his put Brooke Shileds’s into shade ). Until my mid 20s I haven’t paid much attention to my eyebrows, apart from very light tweezing here and there and then  Vaishaly has sorted them out, during one of my facials with her, explaining to me how the arch should look, where the brow line should start and end and telling me not to overpluck.

Eyebrow pencils have been having a renaissance for the last few years and they can be a god’s scent if you have thin or over-plucked eyebrows or if you want to define yours and make them visually stronger.

My American girlfriends have been raving about Anastasia Soare‘s eyebrow products, called Anastasia Beverley Hills and while this US brand has been established about 20 years ago, surprisingly you couldn’t purchase her products in the UK, until very determined Cult Beauty girls got on the case and hey presto, landed the products on their site.


In the USA there are about 34 products in Anastasia’s eyebrows range but Cult Beauty girls did a tight edit and stock 10 best-sellers ( various clever brushes, gels, pencils, brow powders, brow tint, brow fix and a brow kit ).

My absolute favourite in that range is the Brow Wiz, which is the skinny brow pencil that allows me to define my eyebrows but the brush at the end of this double-ided pencil lets me create a subtle effect, without my eyebrows being the sole focal point of my face. You don’t need to sharpen it, but a word of warning, use gentle strokes if you don’t want to break the crayon-as they say, easy does it!


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