Andre Agassi’s biography

AgassiTennis is a beautiful game that can keep you on the edge of the seat if you feel passionate about the players but one wonders what life a tennis player leads, how he or she trains-the list of questions is endless.

Andre Agassi’s book answers many of those. He was riveting on the court and fans loved him, but he says in his book that he hated tennis and wanted to quit it daily. He tells about his relationship with his father, who made the decision that his youngest son will be a tennis star. He recounts with honesty about his time at Nick Bollettieri’ s academy, which brought up such stars as Jim Courier and Anna Kournikova. He talks about his relationship and marriage to Brooke Shields-he comes across as very sincere but Brooke Shield’s wasn’t as complimentary about his descriptions of things in her recent ‘Easy living’ interview.As they say, it takes two to tango…..

Agassi explains how his support team came about and what they all mean to him. He opens up about his drug use. And of course, his opponents and his romance and family life with the court goddess, Steffie (Stefanie) Graff.

I loved reading this raw and honest book, learning more about the game and the players that I grew up watching. You really get to understand how much blood, sweat and tears it takes to take you to the top of the game and of the rankings. You get to respect the people who put their bodies under tremendous stress in order to succeed on the court, in front of fans and foes. And it takes a lot of determination not only to get there but to stay on the top too.

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