Asquith SS20 collection preview & interview

Athleisure is a busy marketplace, with cool niche brands aiming to appeal to sporty millennials, vying for attention alongside the offerings from big luxury brands. But what if you don’t want your fitness outfit to scream “I am the latest kids on the block”, but rather appeal to your classically calm aesthetic, as well as be sustainably & consciously made? Turn your gaze to the SS20 collection from the British eco-brand Asquith.

Rest & Play vibes

Eco-friendly fabrics, ethically made, super soft against your skin.
People and planet come first at Asquith & that intention was in place from the moment Alice Asquith launched her brand into the world. Everything is made with sustainable, eco-friendly bamboo and brand’s trademarked, natural performance fabric called Bambor®. Each collection is thoughtfully researched & designed in London, but Alice works with a GOTS certified factory in southern Turkey, where Asquith clothes are manufactured by a female team, who as well as working together, cook together too, creating a true communal spirit.

Putting the best leg forward in Asquith

Designs that are flattering & versatile, comfortable and most importantly, long lasting – something that is consciously better for the wearer, as well as the planet.

Asquith SS20
Look this way & make things happen

Bamboo has a super soft hand feel that feels amazing against your skin, while Bambor® is the perfect fabric for yoga and Pilates as it is naturally breathable, gently holds you in and doesn’t fade, pill or go baggy at the knees. It offers a cooling touch to the skin when it’s hot and keeps you warmer, when the weather or fitness studio feel somewhat coldish.

Work or Fitness?

Multi-functionality is at the core of all Asquith collections. Their activewear has a relaxed, yet elegant feel & appearance, so so it can be worn as part of your everyday wardrobe. Following requests from customers, this collection also offers new bamboo lifestyle pieces – a midi skirt, cargo pants ( I am loving mine, in dark grey marl, with emerald & blossom side stripes and chic drawstrings, draped in all the right places, as well as tailored in others ), culottes, a jumpsuit and a hoody, with additional summer styles slotted to arrive in the warehouse in April.

Asquith SS20
Casual chic

“Since 2002 we have been on a journey to help reduce global consumption by making clothes that last in durable, eco-friendly fabrics. It’s crucial to us that you can wear our collections day and night, from workouts to weekends & everywhere in between. Longevity & versatility are absolutely key.”

Alice Asquith, founder of Asquith
Asquith SS20
Move, as you breath, in Asquith

Quick fire Q & A with Alice Asquith, founder & creative director of Asquith

Asquith SS20
Lush Jumpsuit is one of Alice’s favourite pieces in the SS20 collection

What inspired the new Asquith SS20 collection?

AA: Japan. Old and new. The Japanese Floral print was inspired by cherry blossom and the Abstract print was inspired by the Neon of Japan. The inspiration was born from a flower printed on a kimono that I saw in a museum in Copenhagen.

Electric blue on white – new Boogie tee

How did she come to choose new colour shades to weave into the collection?

AA: The colours for this season are from Japanese night-scapes and Japanese nature; Smoke, Electric Blue, Cherry and Blossom. I chose colours, which I felt were fresh and bright, but that also flattered the wearer. Not too harsh and complimentary for different skin tones.

Japanese Floral print from the new collection

What’s you favourite way to unwind at the end of the day or get grounded before a yoga practise?

AA: Meditation is my favourite way to unwind. I practice Vedic meditation every day and always mediate 20 minutes twice a day. Morning and night. At weekends I often enjoy a Gong Bath or Kirtan. I find the sounds both uplifting and relaxing.

Sporty & Sassy: past editorials & latest Asquith SS20 collection

Which is your favourite design from the new lifestyle pieces?

AA: I love the Lush Jumpsuit. I’ll start off wearing it with a polo neck underneath and with boots in February, then with trainers or sandals for Summer. And I’m excited about the Cargo Pants in Ink, as I don’t wear Black, so didn’t wear them for AW19. They’re gorgeous in bamboo jersey.

Asquith-ready for spring

Having worn Asquith clothes for a few seasons now, I have to say that they ‘weather’ passing of time well, not losing colour or shape after multiple machine washes. They are versatile enough to be worn for a school run, followed by the trip to the yoga class or session at home on the mat. They feel comfortable on the skin, irrespective of the season outside the window and drape & hug the body & its curves in all the right places. The only ‘tweak’ I might suggest is the use of models of different ages when it comes to press shots & catalogue. Especially when collections are designed with older women in mind, as well as the younger ones. Asquith uses women of all ages in their blog profiles & on social media pages, so it would be nice to see it rolled out for their digital & catalogue visuals. Just a thought .)

Clever draping & elegant silhouette

To browse the latest Asquith SS20 collection or learn more about the brand, its ethos & team, please click here

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