Autumn Skin Series, part 4: Skinesis Morning Facial & product Q & A with Sarah Chapman

Sarah Chapman is a serenely calm & wise beauty council when it comes to skin and they way we should look after it. She is the best testament that her skincare products truly deliver – you only have to glance in the direction of her radiant complexion to yours to be exactly the same. Having used Sarah’s products for many years I can say that it is very difficult not to fall under its beautifully effective spell, as her products deliver consistent efficacy with solidly tested ingredients and beautiful smells.


This year saw several new additions to Sarah Chapman line but so far I have been most intrigued about the recently launched Morning Facial. Sarah’s Overnight Facial is almost legendary and women of different ages, from some of my girlfriends and colleagues to my own mother adore it. However yours truly, for some reason that is still elusive to me to put into words, never took  to it like I have to Sarah’s Ultimate Cleanse or Dynamic Defence for example.


Oils have a natural affinity with our skin, which also contains oils produced by our sebum glands. I think if I generalise I wouldn’t be off the mark completely if I presume that there is a fair amount of you who already use face oil but possibly prefer to use it in the evening, using its potency to help the skin rejuvenate as we sleep. Skinesis Morning Facial is a silky elixir that combines benefits of treatment oil with the power of an active serum.

Active Ingredients:

– Collageneer® ( fights wrinkles ),

– Juvinity™ ( plumps up the skin ),

– Kalpariane® ( has anti-oxidant properties ),

– Timecode™ ( brightens the skin ),

– Rosehip oil ( hydrates & calms the skin),

– Vitamin A Palmitate ( effectively protects against UV-induced collagen destructions ),

– Gatuline Intense® ( nourishes skin cells ),

– Ultra filling spheres™ (helps to improve visual appearance of wrinkles ),

– Antileukine®,

– Hydrasourcing (am+ps),

– Passion flower oil,

– Seabuckthorn oil ( moisturises the skin ),

– Baobab oil ( increases skin’s elasticity ),

– Borage oil ( helps the process of skin regeneration, improves epidermal barrier ),

– Argan oil ( skin’s hydrator ),

– Nyamplung oil.

After you cleanse your face in the morning take one or two pumps of the oil and spread it, gently massaging your face and neck ( each Skinesis box contains a little booklet that included Sarah’s two minute massage technique ), inhaling its beautiful aroma of uplifting essential oil blend of neroli, rose and jasmine. It nurtures & plumps up the skin beautifully and you notice almost immediately a healthy glow that it imparts on your skin. I can honestly say that often in the morning, even with the rain and cold outside making its presence more felt, I have such confidence in this product and the way it makes my skin look, I don’t even use foundation or tinted moisturiser if I am doing a school run – just a little bit of concealer, blush, lip balm, curl my eyelashes and I am out of the door, simply glowing without painting a canvas on my skin – it just shines and reminds me of the flushes of youth when you truly don’t need anything on your skin, just the skin you are in.

Assess your skin’s daily needs and act accordingly

Sarah recommends using this elixir under or over your daily moisturiser or pat it over your make-up for an instant skin perk me up – as it also helps to regulate sebum production, you won’t have a shiny face but a face that has a healthy glow to it, even if you didn’t get your seven or eight hours of much desired beauty sleep . With the dampness, the coldness, central heating and environmental aggressors to which our skin is exposed daily, this product offers olfactory pleasure with visual and structural efficacy. You will also notice an improvement in your skin’s radiance at the time when the tan starts to fade and the complexion pales down.

Q & A with Sarah Chapman, founder of Skinesis, about the newly launched Morning Facial


GAP: Sarah, what inspired you to create Morning facial?

SC: With the popularity of Overnight Facial my aim with Morning Facial was to ensure 24 hour radiance and glow for the skin. So many clients asked me for a daytime version of overnight facial so they could look fabulous all day long, especially during skin challenging times, like winter.  How could we prolong the post facial glow?  I love the benefits of oils but I love even more the performance of cosmeceutical serums on the skin.  This silky morning elixir combines the skin conditioning benefits of a treatment oil with the performance power of an active serum that can easily be slotted into your morning skincare routine for day-long glow. It is also a great make-up base.

GAP: What are the star ingredients of the product and why did you choose them specifically?

SC: I spend a great deal of time researching ingredients for each of my products, as it is very important to strike a harmonious balance of gentle, yet powerful performance, active yet luxurious products and great smells and textures. I knew I wanted Morning Facial to be a radiance boosting, skin plumping, anti-ageing protective elixir which also gives instant results. I firmly believe that only the finest ingredients, with the greatest efficacy, at their optimum levels will do. For Morning Facial these included ultra-filling spheres which instantly swell to plump lines, Gatuline Intense and Collageneer which work on the skin’s natural lifting and firming properties, skin brightening TIMECODE ™, Juvinity,  Kalpariane® an algae with fantastic anti-oxidant properties and my signature blend of vitamin and omega-rich precious oils.

GAPWhat Skinesis cleanser compliments this product in the best way?

SC: I wouldn’t say there was one cleanser that works better with Morning Facial than another. Ultimate Cleanse is a fantastic all round balm cleanser that melts into pores to effectively lift out impurities and even removes eye make-up for nourished, fresh, glowing skin; while my new Rapid Radiance Cleanse is ideal for detoxifying dull skin, whilst absorbing excess oils to reveal a bright youthful skin that is primed and radiant all day. Assess your skins needs and change accordingly or use Rapid Radiance in the morning and Ultimate Cleanse at night.

GAPWhat is the difference between Morning facial and Overnight facial, apart from the am/pm when they are used.

SC: They are both completely different formulas, actually created with different chemists, so everything from the base to the actives are different.  During night we need repair, comforting and nourishment, so Overnight Facial was created to rejuvenate, plump,  smooth and brighten while you sleep. During daytime skin needs to be protected against pollution; a dewy yet light finish is needed for skin comfort and make-up application; a refreshing scent is required to wake the sensesMorning Facial is a wake up call for your skin and also focuses on instant results with ingredients such as ultra-filling spheres for a smooth finish and wrinkles reduction, high performance actives like Gatuline Intense and Collageneer deliver intense and long-lasting cell nourishment and skin plumping, targeting deeper signs of ageing, whilst increasing firmness and elasticity. Morning Facial also effectively protects against UV-induced collagen destruction, protecting the skin barrier from environmental toxins and fighting off the daily assaults of pollution. As a daytime treatment I worked hard to ensure Morning Facial is easily absorbed, regulating sebum production to leave no shiny surface residue – just an enviable instant glow.

For more information about Sarah Chapman’s clinic and her Skinesis face & body products go to Sarah’s website here

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