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Arrival of autumn is a somewhat magical time, with the beauty of the changing foliage the colour of rainbow, the abundance of delicious flowers and farm produce and the fun of gathering conkers while smelling the smokyness of air. However, as temperatures dip, the desire to pamper and warm ourselves up goes up. So I hope you will enjoy the product selected below that I am starting with in my Autumn Skin Series– welcome Soveral Angel Balm.


Soveral Angel balm was first brought to my attention by Jasmine Hemsley ( one half of Hemsley & Hemsley sisters whose book ‘The Art of Eating Well” is a worthy addition to your kitchen’s cookery books shelf ) and when I finally got down to trialling it recently, I understood why she loves it so much.

Alexandra Soveral‘s facials are mentioned as one of the most wonderfully holistic and nurturing ones and her Angel balm is a heavenly hand-blended product that you will revel in using, especially in the evening. It combines topical vitamins & antioxidants with pure, active essential oils ( sunflower seed, grapeseed, castor, geranium, as well as first cold pressed avocado oil ). The balm’s star ingredient is undoubtedly geranium essential oil because it helps to balance sebum production, tonifies the skin, helps to keep it supple and improves the circulation, which in its turn helps the skin be efficient in detoxing itself.


Scoop a little of this lemony green balm on your fingers & warm it up for a couple of seconds ( it has a calming, happy smell and softens upon contact with your fingers & skin, when you massage it from your neck up, in circular motion). Wet the cloth with warm water ( two of them are enclosed with the balm, in a charming box with butterflies fluttering at you, as you lift the lid ) and remove the balm, leaving behind soft, glowing skin.

You can also apply the balm to your face and steam it over the bowl of hot water, with the towel over your head – I tried it when I was coming down with a cold and it certainly soothed my senses, as well as my annoyed nose ). It will help to open up the pores, if you feel that your skin is congested or use it instead of Vaseline on any dry areas you might have, including your lips. You can also use it as a mask – apply for 20 minutes and enjoy a softer, plumper skin that looks content.

Angel Balm smells of apothecaries and herb gardens on a warm, sunny day, when you can crush the flower stem and feel it release the freshness that is unlike anything else. This product is a potent multi-tasker which admittedly is a little expensive but a tiny bit of it really goes a long way, especially when you use it as cleanser, moisturiser, mask & lip salve in the course of any given week. It allows you to massage your face very effectively, as the balm lets your fingers glide over your face, without pulling it and its thoroughness of cleansing your skin is balanced with how well-moisturised your skin feels after using it, even with the weather becoming colder outside.


If you are not sure about using a balm on your skin, then please check out a recent post from a friend of mine, upliftingly wonderful blogger Sarita Coren here

For more information about Alexandra Soveral and her skincare products and treatments, go to

2 thoughts on “Autumn skin: Soveral Angel balm

  1. Galina, what a lovely looking (and smelling) balm. Your vivid descriptions make me feel like I already know it. Thank you so much for the link love. I genuinely appreciate our mutually supportive mission and friendship. Xoxo

    1. dear Sarita, thank you for leaving such a lovely comment. I greatly appreciate our genuine rapport and opportunities to learn new insights from each other.
      Galina x

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