A/W 2012 collection at Banjo & Matilda

Banjo & Matilda, my absolute favourite cashmere brand by a mile- I hardly wear any other brand during the cold winter months- has just received new stock, for A/W2012 and not only the collection is full of bright riots of colours, but it offers clever twists-tiny flower buttons on cute & girly cardigans, silk and cashmere yearn combination ( which offers absolute divine feeling to your skin-and be ready-your firends will want to touch you too! ), the Parisian Breton sweater gets a colourful makeover with blues and reds and check out the cutest cycling mini skirt ( I doubt I will cycle in it, but hop and skip I definitely will ), so I would say the collections gives you the choice whatever your fashion preference! Check out B&M video to give you a great visual of what they have in store:


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