A/W14/15 collection preview from Milli Millu bags

Milli Millu is a British brand that makes eye-catching leather bags with a sense of occasion and women’s needs always at the back of a mind. The team recently moved into a spacious & beautiful new showroom on Buckingham Palace Road and with high ceilings, two large rooms and garden access ( I can see myself sitting on a bench with a glass of Pimm’s in one hand and a new Milli Millu catalogue in another, enjoying the sunshine streaming through the trees and contemplating which bag I would like to add to my existing collection ) it certainly is a hub of serene yet buzzing activity.


When Mireia, brand’s founder, starts working on a new collection she considers what has been missing in the previous one, judging on her customers feedback – was it a slouchy bag ? a small bag ? a flirty bag ?- then examines materials and colours ( when visiting the fairs it is always helpful to go and immerse yourself in a Trend Section and make decisions based on the existing customer base ). The selection gets made, the team comes together to discuss things, including the practicalities – as the result of that, for example, now you can request longer handles on your bags, making your bag feel more custom-made. Another benefit of Milli Millu bags is that they will keep your belongings secure when you travel, be it on a bus or on a ferry, with multiple practical pockets and secure zippers preventing someone putting their hand into your bad uninvited. 

When the samples are produced they are presented to the press, as well as to the brand’s ambassadors who can pre-order things from the collection, ending up with almost unique pieces sometimes, due to their initial choices not necessarily going into the main production. You also have the luxury, if you are a Milli Millu ambassador, to have some colour combinations produced to your demand. Just saying Ladies, just saying .)

New collection is certainly eye-catching, whatever bag size you favour for work and play. There is the Luxembourg, with the unusual pattern of stripped calf hair against black background or a combination of midnight blue and azur or a very striking one in black, green & off-white grain.


For the stylish, maybe a slightly flirtier side of a woman, there is a small sized the Kyoto – check out the combination of aubergine, purple and off-white or midnight blue, azure & off-white. You can play with the chain and wear it across the body during the day ( perfect for shopping trips or travel excursions ) or make it shorter for the evening ( crackled bronze or dark brown & animal print calf hair are like an art piece in miniature ) – one bag, two options for totally different looks.   


Consider the Florence, which has something of Gucci & Louis Vuitton about it yet stands all on its own. It has a slouchy feel which you might enjoy in your travel accessory or a handy companion for a weekend away.


Then there is the Nairobi which can be custom-made in a striking cognac mock croc or you might go for a classic deep taupe grain that will be your timeless, faithful friend – taking your from a school run to the lunch with a business client.


 If you already own or have your eye on one of Milli Millu best-sellers, the Zurich, you can now also have it in a midi-size. While the original is a big bag that works well for the office, the travels or can carry all of your baby’s paraphilia while making you feel like a supremely stylish mum, the midi version is slightly subtler and while is still very roomy, it is somewhat more compact & very Lady-like.


Last, but certainly not least, there is the Reykjavik which retains both the youthful, current factor, with a slightly mannish feel.


The brown version with an artful animal print is quite striking in real life, you will almost feel like putting it on your mantelpiece and examining it like a painting, finding the subtleties and nuances each time you look at it.


Milli Millu new A/W 2014/15 collection will be presented to the Ambassadors at the end of June, with the bags becoming available from the shop starting from August. There are also some interesting developments and additions in the pipeline and take my word for it, they will be very much to your liking.


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