Banjo&Matilda cashmere

B&MWinter is almost over (well, I want to hope so!), so why would I want to write about cashmere? Well, because Banjo & Matilda kept me stylishly warm all winter but they also make beautiful pieces to wear in spring and summer.

This Australian brand was started by Belynda Macpherson in 2008. I read about it last year, went to have a look at B&M’s internet site and the rest, as they say, is shopping history.

Until recently I would buy an occasional cashmere sweater but to be honest, I preferred wool for its warmth, practicality and the lack of ‘bubbles’ that one tends to accumulate wearing cashmere. B&M cashmere broke my prejudice barrier-its pieces are warm, so comfortable to wear you wouldn’t want to take their clothing off (I swear I ‘lived’ B&M’s sweaters through this horrible winter) and are beautifully made with attention to the smallest detail.

Belynda also goes a step further while working on collections, by hiring a ‘Guest designer’ and last year it was her Glamazon sister-in-law Elle Macpherson. I have it on good authority that the next guest designer will be another  well-known Australian export .)

The new collection, that recently went ‘live’, is called ‘Ultra-fine series’and consists of feather light cardigans, sweaters, tanks, camis & dresses in pretty colours (reds, blues, heather greys,camel etc. )that are going to make you feel blissfully happy in your own skin. I just received the sailing sweater (have a look, as it is selling up very fast, Belynda tells me).

At the moment Belynda is still considering the UK based stockists, but she does ship to the UK via DHL, so all you have to do is make up your choices and order. And when your items arrive, they will be wrapped in tissue paper and enclosed in a pretty brown box tied with printed ribbon. Inside you will also find a cotton bag and a cedar ball to keep your cashmere happy while you are not wearing it (told you-the little details !). I am a big fan and hope you will fall in love with Banjo&Matilda too.

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