BBC1 Great Ormond Street hospital programme by Tim Donovan

As I have past history with Great Ormond Street Hospital, a friend of mine told me about a programme on BBC1 that was shown at 7pm this Wednesday. In it, a journalist Tim Donovan looked into the accusations of bullying and hiding the truth by the hospital’s senior trust.

I know several parents whose children has been treated at this world renowned hospital and I equally know some doctors and nurses who trained and worked there and as always in life, there are two sides to every story. My experience was horrifyingly painful, with some of GOSH staff showing incomprehensible to me lack of compassion and cold shouldering parents in the moment of great need for explanation and sensitivity. I know that some nurses who have trained and worked at GOSH consider themselves superior to their colleagues working at other hospitals, yet I would greatly disagree, having seen great skill, care and dedication from the paediatric teams working at Royal Brompton Hospital, Chelsea and Westminster and Hammersmith hospitals.

You of course are allowed to have your opinion, but please consider the opinion of those of us who have been greatly let down by the GOSH staff and level of care extended at the time of illness and terribly worry, if not despair on occasion. In my case, several of GOSH staff at the time lacked basic notion of compassion in regards not only to their little patients ( yes, working with sick children or adults you can become a bit blaze, I understand that, it’s self preservation, which you need to actually do your job properly, with a cool head on your shoulders ), but critically to their little patients parents, who feel particularly helpless at the time of the realisation that they have to rely on someone else to help their child get better.

Hospitals need less bureaucracy and more motivation, more transparency and consideration for families who have kids with long-term illnesses in particular, because those families get to know the hospital staff and the inside of the hospital intimately, in a very difficult and courageous choice that they make, to fight their damn hardest for their pride and joy, their children. In my view Royal Brompton Hospital is the best example to my sentiment of hope and gratitude, who has been in the news for the past few years, trying to fight for their position, as the leading hospital caring for children with heart and lung diseases-GOSH can learn many lessons from their RBH colleagues who often go beyond the call of duty in helping their little patients not only survive, but often make a full recovery, while educating and supporting their worried, at times desperate, yet very loving and dedicated parents.

The programme was thought provoking and I sincerely hope lessons will be learnt, after all, children’s lives and welfare depend on it!

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