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Nowadays instead of greeting each other with a ‘hello’, people are more likely to lament how fast-paced life is and how exhausted they seem to be feeling. While this does hold true in many instances, re-framing our mindset and having the tools at our disposal to address subtle emotional changes is something that can help prevent a minor problem from turning into a big one. New trio of additions to the ‘Beat The Blues’ range from Ilapothecary were in fact developed in order to put those tools at your disposal. Their launch in early February, considered to be the lowest energetic month of the year, wasn’t surprising. What is surprising is how multi-dimensional their effect seems to be on the mind & body, once they come in direct contact with your skin or your senses.

Denise Leicester, founder of Ila Spa, Soul Medicine and Ilapothecary is a petit woman with an incredible inner reserve & knowledge, as well as multiple professional qualifications under her belt. A former nurse, yoga teacher, healer and aromatherapist, she is also a singer with a voice of an angel and a tireless creator of products that have a potential to become instant classics. In early February she & her team hosted intimate gatherings to introduce the products, so they could be better understood and described, as well as the sound bath to complete the experience. To spend time with Denise is the best remedy for the mind, body and soul if you ask me, with the effect of her words & her singing lasting for hours, if not days.

“The Beat The Blues range has been created to help capture your inner smile, hope and joy as you connect with yourself and your purpose”. Denise Leicester

Joining the ‘Beat the Blues’ signature collection is the ‘Beat the Blues Shower and Bath Oil’ – an alchemical, mood-balancing blend of essential oils to revitalise and clear the mind, as well as the ‘Beat the Blues Pulse Point’ – a therapeutic, mood-balancing blend of essential oils that boost self-esteem, ease frustration, revitalise and stimulate happiness. There is also ‘Beat the Blues Room Spray’ that helps to clear the atmosphere and make your work place or home more peaceful energetically.

Ilapothecary uses the study of numerology to reinforce and establish the intent and effectiveness of each product. For Beat the Blues, the number is 27, which is associated with believing in yourself and listening to your intuition.  It is self-affirming and fortifying.

It took Denise & her team a while to create those particular products, with the main starting point being the subtle effect of the aroma on the brain and making sure it addresses the unconscious, emotional part of our brain, as well as heart pathways. Denise focussed on choosing powerful, uplifting, but in no way harsh oils that will give the user an almost instant feeling of being energised, supported and uplifted, while also relaxed. By using the products as part of your regular ritual you will set the right triggers to support your emotional state through the heart chakra (which among other things governs our hands and our skin). Denise also wants to re-inforce the importance and long-term therapeutic effect of self touch and massage, particularly with the Beat The Blues Bath & Shower Oil, on the long-term individual wellbeing.

Before I share with you my experience with the two products from the range let me just say what moved me particularly during Denise’s event. There was a small, intimate group of press, bloggers and wellness/beauty founders at the event. Women of different ages, who were clearly united by the common thread of interest in Denise’s work. As she talked us through the products, elements and tips and as we tried them, we all had a chance to express our thoughts and ideas, listening and reflecting on things in the moment in time, just as the busy day continued to move at the fast pace outside. After Denise performed a sound bath (there are only two people whose Sound Baths my body positively responds to, Denise and Leo Cosendai. With anybody else I go into coughing fits or plain dread, as my body rebels and tries to get me out of the room – I kidd you not!), our faces visibly relaxed. Our bodies collectively seemed to let go voluntarily of the tension or sense of urgency of tasks that needed attention. As the event came to a close, each one of us left with a serene smile and inner calm. In my case I left deep in thought about the genuine importance of surrounding ourselves with people, products and rituals that will help us feel balanced, self-assured and content, no matter what weather, politics or life in general throws at us. I guess what I am trying to say is that if you get a chance, do pop into Ilapothecary and see if there is a ‘before’ and ‘after’ in how you feel, from purely just being there, exploring the products. An earlier image of me and Denise couldn’t sum up more perfectly how I ended up feeling – childishly, care-free happy and more determined than ever to share people like Denise and her work with you!


Beat the Blues Shower and Bath Oil’ (£29 for 150ml) is an aroma-therapeutical, mood balancing blend of essential oils is aimed at revitalising the skin and the senses, while clearing the mind. Clary Sage, known as one of nature’s ‘happiness inducing’ oils, will boost self-esteem, confidence, hope and mental strength, while Petitgrain will help to release emotions and nurture the sense of self-acceptance, while protecting against mental anguish and healing emotional wounds; Those two ingredients were also combined with the heart-opening and uplifting Tuberose and balancing Geranium.

‘This product helps us ‘be’ rather than ‘do’

Step into a shower or bath, dispense a couple of pumps of the product into your hand and gently massage it all over your dry skin, inhaling the scent and focussing on any areas that might feel sore, tender or in need of attention. Then let the warm water run over your skin, if you are taking the shower and let it emulsify the formula, turning it into a milky texture and hydrating your skin in the process. If you prefer to take a bath, even better, follow the first step and add some of the product directly into the running water and luxuriate in the water that comforts and brings therapeutic benefits to skin and mind, whether you empty your mind of thought or catch up listening to a favourite podcast or reading a book that has been vying for your attention. Expect to emerge feeling calm & centred, but not sleepy, with a skin super soft to the touch and no need to apply moisturiser or balm to it. The scent will also continue to evolve, as it develops on your skin and for me that’s where the ‘magic’ of this product lies. The wonderfully unexpected sense of wonder at the discovery that sometimes is hard to explain through the medium of words.

More details are here

‘Beat the Blues Pulse Point’ (£27 for 10ml) is a mood balancing blend of essential oils, including Tuberose and Geranium to boost self-esteem, ease frustration, revitalise and stimulate happiness.

During the talk Denise again & again brought up to our attention the importance of balancing our senses and the fact that on a deeper emotional level (if we choose to pay attention to it) we actually always look to nurture ourselves. Now more than ever every opportunity to slow down to nourish and nurture ourselves counts towards improving our general state of wellbeing and inner emotional state. Those of us with families are in particular need of that, because if you don’t look after yourself, it becomes even more difficult to nurture others.

The Pulse Point rollerball is also a good incentive to rediscover the incredible beauty of the face, as well as help balance your senses, something that is particularly good for your throat chakra. When using this rollerball think of the importance of the forehead and top of your head, both considered to be the sacred spaces of the soul, so massaging with the rollerball between the eyes and top of your head with your fingers is something that will balance & focus your attention.

The combination of Petitgrain (releasing, self-accepting, banishing negative energy) & Clary Sage (inspiring, revitalising, boosts self-esteem & mental strength) offers an easy solution to bring back balance when you need it most and quickly. Denise told me that the Petitgrain leaves have deeply nurturing, earthy quality and its woodiness helps to feel grounded, yet uplifted, without the sharpness that say orange can add to the formula. She also adores Tuberose for its heart-opening qualities & uplifting of the inner spirits and Rose Geranium that helps balance internal energy. Ultimately for Denise Ilapothecary products are about creating & crafting affordable remedies, as well as skin and body care products to help us be the better version of yourself – radiant, capable, focussed and calm. And to have the products in your beauty arsenal that you know will deliver a specific change to your mood when you really need it is an added reassurance, particularly during the times of turmoil, deadlines or even weather or travel effect on our bodies

You can use the roller by itself during the day, but also after shower or bath, applying it  to the  pulse point over your wrists and each side of the neck.  Mine stays now firmly on my work desk and occasionally goes into the handbag, if I am out during the day. What truly made me pause and reflect is the surprising multi-layers of this product. Normally you get a good idea of the scent by simply unscrewing the lid and smelling the rollerball or getting an instant scent ‘hit’ when the product lands on your skin and starts ‘developing’ with the help of your hormones and heat. This pulse point roller opens up like a positively charged Pandora’s box full of unexpected delights that just makes you go ‘wow’. I also recommend applying it to the temples or behind the ears, like you would a perfume or on the inner wrists or inside the open palm of the hand. You know why? Simply because rather than discover its full potential through just your sense of smell alone, allow all of your senses to take you on the sensuous and unexpected journey that is bound to be felt, rather than seen.

More details here.

Disclosure: I received both products for reviewing purposes, but that didn’t affect my judgement, nor words chosen to describe the products. I don’t do sponsored or affiliated content on my website, as a matter of principle and personal choice.

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