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As we get older, we become wiser with experience. Some happy, some difficult or tragic but one moves forward, taking the learnt lessons on board. One of the life changing experiences for me has been the pregnancy and birth of my children. Once you have the responsibility for the little person, you became more aware of the things happening around you, more compassionate (I hope) and more conscious of the fact that the environment in which we live is far worse than the one that our parents brought us into.

I have been very choosy about what I dress my son in-only natural fibres, like cotton in the summer or wool in the winter, I nursed him for a few months, I cooked his meals from scratch using mainly organic produce and tried (and still do) to put natural, nourishing things on his skin, like aroma-therapeutic oils that my friend Michelle mixes for his skin depending on the time of the year.

Not so long ago I came across the brand that I wrote about, called Tawna Hill Baby and knowing that it is quite natural and gentle I have become a convert. But recently Tawna, the lovely owner of the brand, had sent me the link, that really made me sit down and think about what I use on my own skin.

As you know I love beauty brands and make up but haven’t been a huge advocate of organic brands for various reasons. I had an interesting discussion with Newby Hands, beauty editor extraordinaire at Harpers Bazaar UK about the pluses and minuses of organic skincare earlier in the year but still continue to use ‘mainstreem’ brands with only a few exceptions-Gisele’s Sejaa skincare, Michelle Roques-O’Neils oils and RMS Beauty.

Tawna mentioned to me in her recent e-mail that she joined the group called Campaign for Safe Cosmetics when she started her brand. The campaign’s aim is to try to change the way companies can add chemicals to products. Have a look at the link below and tell me that it doesn’t unnerve you or at least gives you a pause for thought-do I really know what is actually in the products that I use? 

I try to recycle, I mostly use Method cleaning products around the house-very handy if you have children, as their products don’t contain toxins that a lot of ‘mainstreem’ brands do. I try to use baking soda or some essential oils when I clean my house-small things, one might say, but they do make a difference. Try switching off unnecessary lights, don’t put your electrics, like TV on PC on standby, especially if they ‘live’ in your bedroom and use energy saving light bulbs-many of us already do that but not many of us actually give it a thought about what’s in our ready-made meals or what we put on our skin. Are we just lazy or we don’t care enough, until something drastic shakes our foundations? What Tawna said to me resonates with me still and in the coming days I plan to give the idea of what our cosmetics contain and what we put on our skin, our biggest organ, which leads to our bloodstream, a much bigger thought. Why don’t you do too ?

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