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The older I become the more the proverb ‘don’t judge the book by its cover’ makes sense but sometimes one makes an exception even to the most stringent rule. Recently Cult Beauty team announced the arrival of the new range called Tay Skincare into their online store but it wasn’t the formulas that initially peaked my curiosity, it’s the packaging that I couldn’t take my eyes off. The range comes in bamboo bottles or boxes, with the product’s name, as well as ingredients & instructions engraved on them. It looked so beautiful and so unusual even in the pictures, that without thinking twice ( thank you Verity from Cult Beauty for your assistance on this one ! ), I placed an order based purely on visuals alone-a first for me, truth be told. An additional bonus was that as part on the launch promotion, Cult Beauty customers received a gift bamboo box with product samples, which are organic or natural in origin and are rich in botanical extracts and such ingredients as shea butter, sea buckthorn, apricot kernel oil, cucumber fruit, mushrooms, argan and rosehip oils and green tea extract. One of Tay skincare main aims is to keep our skin looking glowing, supple and youthful.


Sarah Tay, brand’s founder and CEO,  has a creative background in art and design and that’s one of the reasons why designing an appropriate packaging was important to her, in addition to perfecting the products formulations. Each bottle and box is made out of 100% sustainable bamboo and each looks like a work of art, as far as I am concerned. An additional benefit is that you can re-use them once you finish a specific product-for storing make-up, kid’s small toys, beauty samples etc or to dispense the products for travelling purposes.


It was equally important for Sarah to create products that combine high performance skincare with easy to use regime, as many of us have hectic lifestyles and want to have products that can achieve maximum results in minimum beauty routine time. She sourced premium ingredients that combine anti-ageing properties with the ones that keep our skin healthy and well hydrated.

Tay Skincare, as part of brand’s ethos and business development, holds the idea of the preciousness of the world that we live in very close to its heart. It supports the Fruit Tree Foundation, a non-profit charity group that plants trees to promote forestation of orchards in city parks, schools, low income neighbourhoods, animal sanctuaries and international hunger relief sites in order to help combat the global warming, strengthen communities and improve air, soil and water quality.

Before I tell you a little bit about each of the Tay skincare products, read Sarah Tay‘s answers to my questions, which hopefully will give you a better understanding of this beauty skincare brand.

What inspired Sarah Tay——-

The idea of building a skincare line from very pure and high-grade ingredients was inspired from her upbringing with an orchard garden. She had always had organically-grown fruits and when she first had a store-bought orange, she found it so puzzling that the same type of fruit could feel and taste so different. In learning more about organic and natural botanicals, tied in with her love of skincare, this line was a blend of passion for antioxidants and anti-aging formulas. She also wanted to create packaging that could express the high quality of the skincare on the inside out. Sarah Tay is New York-based, and is a creative director and veteran of the beauty industry. 

What inspired the design——–
Sarah Tay’s design philosophy has always revolved around textures. She knew from the beginning that she wanted to have an organic and natural collection that could naturally reflect wholesomeness. Because each and every bottle is unique in its own way, Sarah Tay wanted to be able to share a piece of art with each person that came across the line.
Tips about the formulas——–
Our formulas are hand-filled and created in small batches, thus being able to give our followers very pure and clean formulas that have no petrochemicals, no parabens, no synthetic fragrances or dyes. They fit all skin types and especially sensitive skin users.
Are the formulas natural or organic?——–
We use a blend of natural and organic ingredients. While we originally started with organic formulas, we did a myriad of testing with other natural ingredients. What resulted from this testing was that some extracts, while not certified organic, went through a very clean production that could almost be. And when we picked up some ingredients from small, artisan farms that had very effective ingredients, but did not necessarily have the time and money for the mounds of government paperwork, we decided to create the most effective formula through clean and pure mixtures, rather than just getting a lot of paperwork in order. We fully believe in the formulas and encourage people to try it. After all, what’s written down on paper is not necessarily what you will experience with your own skin. 

Below are the product descriptions, my own comments about the products from the range that I have tried, as well as some tips from Tay skincare team:

Sunflower & Grape Revitalizing Cleanser with Shea Butter, 125ml, £36
This spa-strength, sulfate free  formula is meant to keep your face supple and hydrated ( dermatologist-recommended maintenance ) while breaking down dirt. The sunflower and grape oils help to clear away free radicals and maximise delivery of nutrients into the skin, while shea butter attends to the skin’s sebum depletion. It also helps to address UV sun damage and evens out skin tone. Simply massage a small amount of this product onto a wet face  for a couple of minutes, and then rinse-off. 
Personally, I really like the smell of this product, with hints of cucumber and rosehip, as well as its ‘cleansing’ power to gently, but effectively, remove all traces of make-up while leaving the skin well hydrated & supple.
Purifying Botanical Water with Grapefruit extract, 125 mls, £34
I will let Tay’s team speak of this one. ‘Originally we almost called this formula a toner. However, we had put in so many organic essential oils, that it became much more enriched than a normal toner. The aroma from the lemongrass, witch hazel and basil has received lots of attention from beauty editors. Especially recommended for those that are concerned about pores. Can be used after the cleanser step and before moisturizing. Sometimes during the summer or on resort travel, our fans are known to use the Botanical Water as a cleansing step alone’.
Aloe Leaf Make-up Remover with Lavender, 50 mls, £29
‘This makeup remover is a non-greasy formula loaded with calming extracts of aloe leaf that helps to keep your skin’s natural surface intact, while doing some ‘heavy-duty’ cleaning. Recommended to be used with organic cotton pads to reduce any possibility of chemical irritation during use. The light lavender extract adds a hint of aromatherapy, as you wind down from a busy day in the world’.
I like this product because it also acts as a perfect sensory companion when I am doing gentle yoga in the evening.
Safflower Seed Night Cream with Jojoba. A ‘hero product’, according to Tay skincare and Cult Beauty teams, 50 mls, £112
”This is the founder’s favorite formula. It contains many powerful ingredients like rosehip oil and argan oils, as well as pomegranate extract, while its natural aroma stems from the raspberry extract. It’s very effective and a little goes a long way. We’ve written on the back of the bottle, “Wake up and feel like you had a facial”, because that was what one of our fans said about this formula. A must try!’
And to be honest, I couldn’t agree more, having been using this product for a few weeks now. To me it smells of berries and sinks in quickly into the skin, without any residue. It makes my skin feel soft and nourished, even before I fall asleep, when a more active skin regeneration process takes place. And when I wake up in the morning my skin feels beautiful and luminous-well, at least it looks it to me! 
Cucumber Day Moisturiser with Mango Butter, 50 mls, £72
This moisturiser was developped to protect the skin against free radicals and pollution, while helping the skin to retain moisture. It has Cucumber fruit ( helps to sooth the skin ), Vitamins A, D and E, as well as Mango butter that is responsible for boosting hydration and Sea Buckthorn that helps with skin  with cell tissue regeneration and healing.
It sinks very quickly into your skin giving a nice matt finish and it works well as make-up base as well, without using the make-up primer. 
All-purpose Shea Butter for skin and hair, 15 mls, £30
This formula has organic shea butter ( harvested from shea-karite trees in West Africa  and is ‘cold press’ processed, in order to maintain its vitamin and mineral content ) that is known to be a superior emollient. It helps to hydrate the skin, as well as hair and can be used for hairstyling ( I prefer to use it on my hair ends to deal with dryness or to gently smooth over flyaways and ‘tame’  them into submission). I also like it’s fresh rosemary smell.
Youthful Eye Treatment with Apricot Kernel Oil, 15 mls, £75
This dermatologist tested treatment helps to address such issues as fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles or shadows. It has a special blend of organic shea butter and vitamin E rich Apricot Kernel oil. The bio-active treatment gently removes dead skin cells and works together with cellular turnover to revive the delicate eye area, while leaving no residue, which makes it perfect base underneath make-up. It also smells beautifully of green tea and apricot kernel oil.
Essential Oils Bar Soap in Clean Orange, 250g, £17
This dense soap bar is infused with essential oils from France and has natural antiseptic properties in it, so you can use it daily in the shower, but do try to keep it out of direct sunlight, in order to better preserve its ingredients.
To find out more information about the brand or the products, please go to :
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2 thoughts on “Beauty brand in the spotlight: Sarah Tay & Tay skincare

  1. I’ve been searching for TAY skincare products and have found websites that show the products and list a “buy site,” then, I end up at a dead end. Can you please help me find a “real” site from which to purchase TAY products? I think TAY is not in business anymore or may never have been.

    Thanks, Sue

    1. Hello Sue,
      I think that the brand was discontinued/has gone out of business because I can’t seem to find their products online either. You might want to try the brand called Mahalo – they have similar packaging and the products are beautifully nurturing for the skin and their smell helps to enhance one’s wellbeing. Hope that helps and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have other questions. Galina

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