Beauty buys: tried & tested from December into the New year

January is always a buzzy month for beauty launches, but I am going to start the year with a fewIMG_0310 of the products that I began ‘trialling’ at the end of last year, apart from one that was launched this month:

Burberry sheer concealer: when Burberry launched their make-up line last year I didn’t drop everything to run to the shop, as a few fashion brands before them attempted this idea with mixed results. A couple of months ago I was browsing Harrods beauty hall and glanced over the Burberry make-up counter-well, I have to say that their packaging is sleek, so it peaked my attention a little bit. I got talking to the girl working at the counter and ended up buying ‘sheer concealer’on the spot. Why? Well, the steely grey pen itself reminded me of YSL’s Touche Eclat, which is a cult classic, but my main reason wasIMG_0312 that I liked the lightness of the formula and the way it made my under-eye shadows disappear-no creases, no heaviness, just a perfect looking eye area. It gives the skin luminosity and even though every beauty brand worth their salt does have a concealer in their range, quite a few of them either ‘wear out’ very quickly, or look too heavy or worse, just settle in and look unattractive. I should have experimented sooner .)

Dolce & Gabbana: yes, I made a humorous dig about the fashion brands going into make-up, but you only have to look at Scarlett Johanson in the D&G make-up ads to realise that you want to use whatever she is using on her face. Another big draw for me is that the range has been developed under the supervision of Pat McGrath, who is one of the most influential make-up artist in the world, if not the Universe, as some of the looks that she creates truly look out of this world. Well, I bought D&G passion duo-the gloss fusion lipstick in No.40 (rose)-they are not the only beauty brand to combine the lipstick with the lip gloss balm inside of the lipstick, but theirs has several advantages:

-the golden packaging just oozes glamour and as soon as you hold that beautiful tube in your hand, your sense of your own beauty elevates instantly.

-it smells of roses

-it moisturises your lips, nourishes them, adds shine and you mouth just looks irresistible.

Is there anything else to dream of that they haven’t achieved when it comes to this golden rose smelling make-up essential?

Dior eyes essential: Sharon Stone advertises this eye zone boosting super serum and even though I am not convinced that it’s the use of this product that is making her look so stunning, I have heard good things about it from a few people working in the beauty industry, so decided to give it a go. Well, it’s a light, gel like formula that smells quite nice and that sinks in very quickly. Id doesn’t cause any irritation, keeps the eye area well moisturised and if anything, the concealer stays on longer during the day without creasing due to this product ( I tend to apply it in the morning and use another eye cream at night). A really wonderful product! 

The Organic Pharmacy antioxidant Face Gel & Face Firming serum: if you have beenIMG_0311 following my posts on beauty in the past year, then you are already aware that I am incorporating more organic beauty brands into my make-up routine and those two products deserve all the praise that they have been gathering. The Face gel(pearly white) offers a concentration of herbal extracts & cosmeceuticals that help to minimise pores, lift the skin, restore elasticity, tone and radiance-and let’s be honest, unless you have been away for a long, relaxing vacation in the warm and sunny place at this time of the year, most of us can admit to lacking radiance. The Anti-Oxidant face firming serum ( a few years ago most of us didn’t even think of the meaning of the word serum and now more and more women use it under their moisturiser) looks and smells like liquid sunshine and it makes me smile when I apply it-it contains rosehip, grapeseed, alphalipoic acid (many personal trainers stress the importance of it for our body too), carrot and grapefruit and when you combine those two products your skin quietly starts singing you praises. Try using it for three or four weeks and let me know if you don’t start loving the way your skin looks .)

Last, but certainly not least is the latest launch from Estee Lauder called DayWear BB anti-oxidant beauty benefit creme SPF 35. I have loved the DayWear range for a very long time, it probably has something to do with the subtle, cucumber fresh smell that it has, but also the fact that it worked on my skin in my 20s and continues to deliver results in my 30s that makes me think that I have chosen the right routine. This latest launch promises to work for all skin types and this slick tube will be your multi-taking friend during the day. It fights free radicals-bad for both face and body, moisturises (I do use my serum and moisturiser under it), minimises flaws like redness or dullness and helps you look radiant, but not ‘done up’. You can use your foundation on top, if you feel like it, but I personally don’t-I just add a little bit of bronzer and blusher, curl my eyelashes, dot some concealer under my eyes (you can use this creme but I prefer to use the product developped specifically for the eye area, which is thinner than the skin on our face), slick on some lipstick or gloss and I am ready to go in quick time-an achievable feast when you have to attend to other family members before you all scoot out to school and work in the morning. Or you can put this creme and a little of blusher before going to the gym or for a run-you will look like Miss Perfection herself, and that will be achieved even before you draw out a sweat .)

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