Beauty Review: AMLY bio-fermented Facial Essences

Growth is a slow process, one needs to learn how to walk before starting to run. When it comes to AMLY, brand founders Lisa and Kerry aren’t driven by speed. Rather it is the desire to develop truly special and effective skincare for women of different ages that fuels them. Being attuned to nature and seasons, choosing special synergy of plants that nurture, as well as giving pleasure when you use them. Two of AMLY’s new launches, facial essences Meadow Dew and Nocturnal Nectar, promise to deliver exactly that and more.

Formulated with bio-fermented Apple Cider Vinegar, Meadow Dew (for the day) and Nocturnal Nectar (for the night) harness the power of amino acids and antioxidants, as well as botanicals and bio-actives that will help improve skin’s external appearance. Used separately or together, the products will also assist in improving skin’s hydration and nourishment levels.

Meadow Dew Bio-fermented Facial Essence, 20ml, £60

This essence contains seven botanicals: Aloe Vera, Rose Otto, Chamomile, Jasmine Flower, Linden Blossom, Frankincense and Neroli Orange Flower. With the earthy, floral scent the essence opens up on the skin to reveal fresh & uplifting notes, helping start the day on the right footing.

The formula is quite potent in that it helps dissolve dead skin cells on the surface, delay the more prominent appearance of wrinkles, as well as improve the circulation that slows down as we naturally age.

“AMLY is inspired by the ancient English meadowland that incorporates mineral-rich spring water drawn from beneath Hawthbush farm”

One of the leading ‘cellos’ in this essence orchestra is played by the British native called Mallow, chosen for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It also soothes dry or rough skin, so launch of this essence is perfectly timed for using it in autumn and winter months. Other cello players are the famous Hyaluronic Acid that plumps and firms the skin, as well as replenishes its hydration levels (up your water intake while you are at it and your skin will doubly thank you!) and Copper Peptides that aid collagen production and help your complexion look more radiant.

Top Tip: shake the bottle gently before using the essence. Place a few drops on the tips of your fingers and press them into your skin until it is absorbed.

Another unusual element of this essence is its texture. When you look at it, it looks like droplets of water. Apply it to your skin and the feel of it will remind you of a combination of water and the lightest moisturiser with the almost elusive feel of oil. Blink and it has sunk into your skin without a trace, imparting a natural glow and the feeling of softness. Staring in slight awe at your face’s reflection in the mirror is optional .)

Nocturnal Nectar Bio-Fermented Facial Essence, 20ml, £60

This nightly essence contains eleven botanicals: Aloe Vera, Linden Flower, Rose Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Clary Sage, Valerian, Chamomile, Benzoin, Rock Rose and Frankincense. Some of them you might often find in tinctures that help calm the nervous system, but in this instance the botanicals achieve dual purpose – look after your skin and help you get better sleep through the power of scent.

“AMLY incorporates a new generation of sustainably sourced, plant-based bio-actives to deliver noticeable effect on skin health. The products are crafted to balance out our fast-paced and hectic lifestyles.”

The formula is concentrated, but gentle of the skin. Like the morning essence it will assist your skin’s natural renewal mechanisms. In addition you will find Honey, known for its tissue-regenerating, clarifying and moisturising properties, which is partnered with Snow Algae that will strengthen skin’s cellular defences and repair. Applied at night, working as your sleep, you can expect to wake up with not only refreshed mind and body, but plumper and more radiant skin. The mighty effect is enhanced by Valerian that can helps to improve the quality of sleep and free-radical fighting Green Tea to energise.

Another important ingredient in both of AMLY Essences is Apple Cider Vinegar. Both Lisa and Kerry take it orally, as it is beneficial to gut health, as well as the skin. ACV is widely recognised and appreciated for its anti-inflammatory properties, as well as for being nutrient-rich. It also has a lovely affinity with Lisa’s home, Hawthbush Farm, where apples are abundant and soil fertile with nourishment.

While both essences have scent similarities, each stands on its own in terms of assisting the skin during day and night, as well as its scent identity. Many skincare brands have a unanimous scent but in this instance you have different identities united by common thread, akin to family members.

To learn more about all things AMLY, please click here

Top left: Nocturnal Nectar; Bottom right: Meadow Dew

The products were given as a press sample. I plan to purchase them once I run out, as I was suitably impressed with their overall, as well as individual, performance.

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