Becca makeover with Rebecca Morris-Williams

As luck would have it ( or was it the fairy dust effect from London Fashion Week? ), I got to go meet in person a well-known make-up artist, Rebecca Morris Williams, a creative power force behind my favourite Australian make-up brand Becca, this week.


Nothing brings you down with the bump like the realisation that you have been using something for ten years-yes, my darling Becca celebrated its anniversary earlier this year! I love the brand’s clever formulations and geniusly great products, which always make you look healthy and glowing, almost .) like the models in Becca’s editorials ( until recently Rebecca has been using mostly Australian girls, but it’s about to change, with the brand introducing more diversity and starting to use models from Brazil and Africa ).


I did ask Rebecca why she doesn’t choose slightly older models, after all I know for a fact that Becca’s clients vary in their age and skin colour and it works equally well for girls in their 20s, as well as for women in their 40s and 50s. I will give you an example: my lovely friend & neighbour Tracey, who runs an internet site celebrating women in their prime, called Fighting Fifty, had a makeover an hour before me and she looked beautiful, her features accentuated and her face looking radiant and fresh, as a morning daisy.

When Rebecca started her company she came up with a three step skin perfecting make-up system that aims to correct, perfect & enhance one’s features, as well as complexion. Becca offers a very large number of concealer shades ( 34 at the last count ), as well as foundations ( 30 and counting ) and every time a new collection is launched, I get excited and surprised in equal measure.

Rebecca herself looked like a model when I met her-tall and slim, in black pyjama like pants pared with a black top and a very striking & colourful  necklace, her face framed by a glossy mane of honeyed red long hair. Her appointments started coming in from 10am to Becca’s flagship store in Brompton Cross, and each of Becca’s four make-up artists were doing the makeovers for women, with Rebecca patiently walking around and offering advice or answering questions.

You might be surprised to hear that it was my first makeover at Becca’s store-I always dash in to ask for quick advice and dash out, dangling the chocolate brown Becca signature bag with the products, so it was double the treat for me on this occasion-chatting with Rebecca and having my make-up done, as well as getting a personalised make-up chart at the end.


My lovely make-up artist, called Andrea, asked me about my skin and my make-up needs and the ‘look’ that I was looking for-‘smart and natural, with a hint of colour’ was my reply but I also gave her free rein and kept my eye on Rebecca’s proximity-so much to ask, so little time!

Andrea started with Becca’s rejuvenated primer ( I love their hydrating and radiance ones) but really liked the texture and the smell of this one-by the way, all of Becca’s products smell amazing-imagine hints of honey, or peach, of something temptingly fruity or cocoa like-you get what I mean, right? She then added highlighter on the parts of the face that the sun hits naturally, followed by Becca’s stick foundation. Andrea has been doing my make-up with Becca’s brushes but Rebecca told me that you can use your fingers with equal success and build up the colour that you want. Some areas, like under the eyes for example, might benefit from you using the appropriate brush, but then again, it depends on your preference and the time you have to do your make-up.

Andrea then added the eye tint to my eyelids and used the black liner, which I thought was brave of her .), as I find that in general black eyeliner might look harsh on me, hence I prefer grey or brown. However on this occasion, with Andrea blending it in into the lash line, it looked much softer and nicer that I imagined it would. She glammed up my eyes with mascara and lightly filled my eyebrows with the brow powder, thus creating a very groomed but natural look. I then had a cream blush ( they are great, as they don’t dry the skin and you also have a little mirror in the top of the compact, so you can add colour and blend well on the go ) applied to the apples of my cheeks-Andrea made me smile for that purpose and then she lightly dusted some bronzing powder on my face. I also learnt this useful tip from her: ‘First use the cream blush and only then add powder or bronzer if it’s in powder form, don’t layer cream/powder/cream/powder, as your make-up is more likely to ‘crease’ that way.

When I talked to Rebecca about her favourite products-always sunscreen (!), as she lives in Perth, –Becca’s colour quadrant ( lip, cheek & eye palette ), –lip butter balm or lipstick, as she says that the high pigmented lip glosses don’t suit her colouring and –beach tint, she looked like a cool, but proud mother, who really struggles to choose for which of her children she might have a smidgen more of affection.

Rebecca has built a strong identity for her brand, with great visuals, practical high-end products that suit women’s needs and make them look their best. She also trains her make-up artists very thoroughly-they don’t ‘push’ the products on you, but are always guided by your needs.

I am a big fan of Becca’s lipsticks and butter balm and until now haven’t used the glosses-I find them a bit gloopy and messy in general, so when Andrea suggested one from the new collection, called Ultimate Colour gloss SPF 15, I wanted to say know ‘no’, but hey, one needs to experiment-at worst, you just wipe the mistake off & use something else, right ? Andrea chose a shade called Palm breeze and it instantly lit my face. It also will look great pared together with my Becca’s dark plum nail polish in the shade called ‘tempranillo’ ( I consider their polishes one of the best ones, they are glossy and they stay on for seven days easily ).


Rebecca doesn’t like her picture to be taken, but we sort of convinced her to give it ago, especially as many of us, who came for a make-over, took our own ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures. And you can appreciate that Rebecca practises what she preaches, with her very modern look-smart, chic, radiant-perfectly groomed but not overly done in other words-she just glows and so will you, if you have Becca in your make-up bag! 

me & Rebecca

In addition to the gloss, I also bought Becca’s recent launch, Mineral Tint SPF 30 sunscreen ( it’s a non-nano zinc oxide sunscreen, which gives you a hint of colour, moisturises, has Vitamin E, smells gorgeous and offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB-if Australian’s don’t know their sun, who does?) I was also given a Becca gift, which contained Bliss’s body butter ( make-up artists used Bliss cleansers during the make-over ), as well as Becca’s face powder and beach tint( it is slightly stronger in its staying power than Becca’s creamy blushes, as this one for specifically developed to be used in the heat or on the beach). There was relaxed excitement in the air and I couldn’t imagine ending a day on a more perfect note!


P.s watch the space, as very shortly Becca will launch a new, liquid foundation that will give you a slightly more thorough coverage, as well as a clever bronzing product.



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  1. Happy memories of a great makeover. I found it very interesting how similar shades work on different women. I love that Becca are all inclusive, there is a shade for you whatever your skin colour.

    Thank you for sharing the occasion there and here. x

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