Best Beauty Buys 2012 according to Instyle-take it on face value?

Every year Instyle magazine produces a ‘Best Beauty buys’ supplement, according to 151IMG_0386 industry experts. A handy tool, you would think? I have been buying Instyle for several years and have always looked forward to this particular supplement, but this year I have looked at it with a fresh pair of eyes, having dedicated so much time to beauty product search and vigorous testing myself. All of a sudden I realised that every year this supplement mostly covers the already established brands and products, hardly dedicating any page space to new products, that might not be that obvious, to us, mere beauty mortals, but would be known to industry’s insiders?

Yes, we have been hearing for years about Laura Mercier’s secret camouflage or Kiehl’s creme de corps, but all things being equal there are many other brands that have entered the beauty market and produce great results-they don’t deserve recognition? Controversial and subjective, I know, but I long for an element of surprise from the industry’s insiders and not the reinforcement that for example L’Oreal’s Elnett hairspray is fantastic-I have known that for years, but are there any other contenders for the title supremacy? I wonder if you will agree or disagree with me, after all, things don’t stay static from year to year, especially in current, unsettled times…..

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