Best-laid plans…..or are they ?

We all make plans, don’t we? For the day ahead, for the summer holidays, for dates with girlfriends or kids play-dates…..You make a plan, the anticipation builds and then something happens, and the plan that you carefully laid out just goes up in smoke, so what do you do-do you cry, do you regret it or do you just breath out and let the invisible forces weave their magic all around you ?

Last week I had one of those moments, when I was making plans for a special occasion, everything was in place but then it only took one text message-yes, the sign of our times !- for my plans to be changed. Did I regret it? No, it felt right in that moment, I didn’t even need to pause for thought, somehow I just new that that was the right thing to do. So the plans got cancelled, life went on as normal and you know what? It felt good to be in that moment, to breath, to smile, to enjoy-not the meal out, but the meal in, as a family….

A day went by and new foundations were laid out and the new plan forged and when that plan came to fruition, it turned out to be… just perfect, no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ just magically, wonderfully perfect-with a help of a friend a nice evening out turned into a wonderfully memorable night that I will treasure forever.

Watching ‘Smash‘ last night, listening to the songs, feeling mellow and happy, with a glass of red in my hand, I looked back and realised that sometimes it’s just nice to listen to your inner voice and to do what feels right. Yes, we all make what we consider to be ‘the best laid plans’ but sometimes this plan only seems perfect in our own mind because we ourselves create that perfect notion of it and yet, when the plan is changed, you take a slightly different view and realise that actually life is a wonderfully surprising thing, it teaches you constant lessons, it allows you to grow and to reflect and to truly appreciate those perfect moments that sometimes aren’t of our own creation……

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