Bewitching EQUILIBRIUM from Skin Alchemists

The last couple of years have been unlike anything anyone of us has experienced in our lifetime. To read about pandemic is one thing, to live through it is another. When Skin Alchemists launched a new product, an aromatherapy pulse point oil called Equilibrium, I though it was needed and timely. But the more I used it on my skin, the more I fell under its hypnotic spell, realising that equilibrium can be incredibly nuanced and that each one of us needs to search and find it more than ever.

EQUILIBRIUM from Skin Alchemists

Theresa, founder of Skin Alchemists, and a mother of the gorgeously mischievous toddler girl, makes me think of all the brightest colours of the rainbow at the same time when it comes to the skincare products that she creates. When a couple of months ago she launched a therapeutic blend of pure plant oils to sooth and balance the senses, it was the result of the effect lockdown had on her personally – both as a human being and an entrepreneur. To try to keep the head up, to run a business and for it not to breach the shore, to care for the toddler and not lose hope and sanity at the same time isn’t an easy task even in inregular times. This pulse point oil is the product to reach out for when the daily overload of emotional rhythms becomes too much or too overwhelming. 

Equilibrium in the simplest, yet most sophisticated form

Made with West Indian Bay from Theresa’s childhood medicine cabinet – the first point of call in Caribbean culture for soothing headaches, as well as Blue Tansy to help ease anxiety, Fragonia to bring balance and invoke tranquillity, Vetiver to sooth nerves, Patchouli to ground the senses and all of them masterfully blended in a delivery system of Maraca oil, framed for its ability to relax muscles and aid restful sleep. All you have to do is unscrew the lid of the elegant glass container that is filled with the blend and apply it to pulse points, behind the ears and on wrists, making sure you inhale deeply and allowing the scent to wash over you. Then pause for a minute and settle into your body through your senses, the oil getting to work on balancing you body and mind. The effect doesn’t take long and helps to centre, focus and feel more balanced in yourself, no matter the circumstances.

Life in balance = EQUILIBRIUM

I was lucky to first try this blend a few months ago, as Theresa was working on it and refining it. She sent me a couple of vials and gave me a little bit of the background, without divulging too much. She asked me to let her know how using the oil blend made me feel and which of the two blends I preferred. Within a day I felt quite intoxicated by the unseen powers within this particular oil blend and had the innate urge to re-apply it when I felt that the effect of the unseen scent wore off. I pressed my nose intentionally deeper into my wrist, finding comfort even when the scent was also like a phantom of the disappearing smoke.

This product is also quite personal for Theresa, as during lockdown she developed anxiety and panic attacks. The weight of being the sole carer of her daughter, having to keep on working and not fall sick ever so increasing daily, the pressure constantly rising, as pandemic took hold in England. An internal burden that only a single parent can fully comprehend, especially when separated from family by borders and not being able to rely on their assistance, if something went wrong health-wise. Theresa kept her focus on putting one foot ahead of the other, as if seeking solace in this blend, refining it and making sure it was subtle, yet quite potent. Now she uses it as perfume and I do the same, feeling powerful, sensual and in my own individually feminine power when I wear it on my skin. 

Food for heart, skin and soul (Skin Alchemists)

Unassuming, pale yellow in colour, this oil blend is a perfect wellbeing companion that props you up so powerfully, it might catch you off guard. It’s interesting how a gloomy and dark January and internal emotional struggles can inspire a mood-boosting and mood-balancing essential oil blend that takes a person from a hermit-like state, except for lone walks, to inner-confident goddess that has a sexiness in her step, powering through uncertainty, adversity, fear and the feeling of the unknown that we all not only had to learn to live with, but continue to do so. 

Calm can come in small packages

Theresa formulated each vial of EQUILIBRIUM with ethically-sourced plant oils and nothing else. She sourced pure, wild-crafted, unrefined and sourced from Soil Association and COSMOS-certified reputable companies. By using time-honoured process of formulation that takes time and patience, this product pays homage to the highest vibrancy of the plant world that treats the skin, impacts the soul and uplifts the spirit no matter the weather and restrictions that we have to take into account when it comes to stepping outside our front doors. For those of you who are passionate about sustainability, glass bottle and roller ball are recyclable, the outer box packaging is manufactured from 100% FSC approved cardstock. 

the beauty of EQUILIBRIUM

Skin Alchemists is a modern brand that is steeped in traditions of Theresa’s ancestors and while each product in the range is efficacious, this one contains a truly powerful synergy of ingredients and intention, creating the oil that acts like a powerful treat for the troubled mind.  It will calm and empower, sooth and give confidence all at the same time. I apply it as perfume through the day and I do it now because there is a magnetism in this product that I internally respond to.  For me it’s like a sexy panther and a serene goddess in one glass rollerball, purring something soothing that my mind responds to almost instantly. The oil sinks into the skin like an unseen angel standing guard by my side, helping life feel if not more certain – because who knows right now what next day will bring ? – then more confident in our own ability to put one foot in front of another on any given day. A bewitched spirituality is ever there was one, housed in an elegant glass bottle that so easily fits into daily life’s ebb and flow, blowing away at least some of the troubles into the oblivion.

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