Blossom & Jasmine candles and Q & A with the brand’s founder, Gintare Lisauskiene

Younger generation might not appreciate candles as much as some of us in their 30 or 40 or 50s do, but to me candles carry not just the light at the end of a day or when the electricity goes out ( not often that happens in London, I must admit ) but also an inherent romantic notion with them, as well as the scents that can affect your mood. They can help you unwind in the bath, clear the air from bad vibes, create the wonderful ambiance and warmth at a dinner party or just make you dream of wonderful holidays you might have spent in far-away places.

In our day and age, we, as consumers, are catered for unlike at any time before and the choice can be overwhelming, as many beauty & lifestyle brands make it their mission to introduce candles into their product selection at some stage. Yes, there are the obvious experts and leaders in that area, like Jo Malone, Cire Trudon or Diptique but for me the magic of wonderful surprise recently arrived out of nowhere, unexpectedly, and it made me inhale with surprise and dreamy wonder.

A few weeks ago I was approached by Gintare Lisauskiene, founder of Blossom & Jasmine beauty company, which launched its range of bespoke, 100% natural aromatherapy candles in March of this year. I had no expectations but as soon as I opened the Blossom & Jasmine parcel, which contained two full sized candles I smiled, as the scents were truly unusual and so was the packaging.


Picture a black, sturdy cardboard box with silver lettering. Lift the lid and gently inhale the aroma of Rose & Lemon ( Divine, for inner energy ). Or Lavender, Basil and Jasmine ( Luxe, for serenity and relaxation ). How about Frankincense, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli ( Prestige, to feel fantastic. In my case it helps me to calm you down after a busy or stressful day and takes me peacefully into the depth of the night ). How about Jasmine, Patchouli and Neroli ( Smart and Delicious, to lift your mood ) or Lemon and Basil ( Indigo, to lift your energy levels ).


Each candle comes in a beautiful clear glass jar ( you also have a black glass jar option for a single wick candle-it is both elegant and dramatically stylish ), in three sizestravel, single or double wick. And it’s not just the packaging that draws your eyes, it’s the actual smell of candles when you light them up. They burn evenly, releasing a soothing aroma that stays in the room even when you put out a candle ( without going all smokey ) but its aromatic notes are welcome, soothing. It makes you want to take another breath, savour it and try to make a guess which oil speaks the most to you. My favourite is the Luxe candle, its dark glass adding a little bit of mystery to the room and I particularly enjoy burning it while reading a book or a magazine late into the evening. Lavender calms my senses and helps me relax-I also burn it when I mediate, while basil helps to rejuvenate my head, clear it of clutter. The first time I lit Luxe candle, I was reading a recent edition of Traveller magazine, and the article about Baltic states, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. It drew me in, as I used to spend my summer holidays with my family in Jurmala, in Lativa and we also travelled to Lithuania and I found its nature, the sand dunes, amber, which you could find in the perfectly grainy sand, amongst the pine trees, so beautiful as a child. Gintare, the brand’s founder is originally from Lithuania and when I learnt that it made me shake my head at the coincidences of life.


If I feel more reflective, then I light up Lemon & Rose candle, an unusual combination that eases anxiety or sadness, while giving you inner strength, reassuring you and helping you walk your path with peaceful steadiness. When I look at its double wicks, they remind me of the Disney cartoon frog character, glinting in the evening’s darkness. I picture my grandparents enjoying candlelight, many years ago or my summer holidays at the country house reading by candle light-and those moments of peace and reflection are only enhanced by the Blossom & Jasmine candles, helping me create my own memories while being in the present.

Q & A with Gintare Lisauskiene, founder of Blossom & Jasmine


GAP: Tell me a little bit about yourself and how you came up with idea of Blossom and Jasmine ?

GLI was a very busy beauty therapist with the high profile clients list and I spotted a niche in the market for luxurious beauty concierge company that will come to you at the time that’s suitable for you. Blossom and Jasmine is for everyone who needs affordable touch of luxury !

GAPHow did you come up with your candles scent combinations? They are wonderfully unusual !

GL: After nine years of working as a beauty therapist and having been surrounded by the beautiful products, I discovered which scents make people calm, relaxed or energised. After two years of testing and development, we have come up with the  scents that are unique for Blossom and Jasmine and are beneficial for one’s well-being.

GAP: What makes Blossom and Jasmine candles different from other branded ones ?

GL: Blossom & Jasmine candles offer a unique ambiance for your home, spa or wedding reception. One of the most important benefits of Blossom and Jasmine candles is how clean and even they burn. Because they are all natural and do not contain toxins and paraffins, no soot is produced – as opposed to traditional petroleum based paraffin candles which release carcinogens into the air.

GAP: What do you particularly love about Blossom and Jasmine candles? And which one/ones do you tend to use the most & why?

GL: They all smell delicious and keep me calm ! In the mornings I light Indigo, as basil and fresh lemon keep me motivated throught-out the day, while in the evening I love using Divine ( Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, while the smell of fresh Lemon keeps me relaxed ).

GAP: How did you get to where you are today in business? What drives and motivates you? 

GL: Through hard work. I came from an entrepreneurial family and my husband is a businessman, so I always knew I wanted to have my own business. And my husband inspires me as well !

GAP: How did your distribution to Japan come about, as I would imagine Japanese customers are quite discerning in how they choose products from Europe.

GL: We have been contacted by a Japanese lady, who saw Blossom & Jasmine in UK, so she decided to bring Blossom & Jasmine to Japan. I’m very proud to say that our candles are doing brilliantly well there and Japanese people love our candles !

GAP: Do you plan to launch a candle that carries the scents of your homeland, Lithuania, with them? I think of amber, sand dunes, sea when I remember my family holidays in the Baltic republics-such beautiful nature and rich cultural traditions !

GL: We are planning to launch three other scents in 2014 but nothing from Lithuania , maybe in the future , its good idea , so thank you !

GAP: Where do you source your candle ingredients from?

GL: All around the globe , as we using only the best of the best, but our candles our made in the UK , in a very pretty village in Cornwall !

GAP: Why did you choose black/white candle holders packaging theme?

GLMy two favourite colours are black and white. Black is the symbol of elegance, while white represents purity and power, like snow !

GAP: Do you have any cool, creative ways to re-cycle your glass candle holders once the candle has been used completely?

GL: It will make a nice pencil holder for your desk or it will add a pretty touch to your dressing table, as a holder for your lip gloss and mascara.

All of five Blossom & Jasmine candles are avaialble to purchase online:


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