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What is one of the best ways to wake up or to let go of the stresses of the day? For me, nothing beats the cooling sensation of the water on my skin and the smell of the shower gel, uplifting or calming, depending on the time of the day-and since I bought Bodhi Bath and Shower Therapies Assemblage that experience has only been further enhanced.


Elijah Choo, founder of Bodhi, grew up in the household where particular emphasis was put on energy balance, inner chi and the use of natural ingredients. Elijah also has a very sophisticated & astute sense of smell, of which I am reminded every time I smell any of Bodhi products. They work on so many levels, enhancing your sense of well-being, nurturing your PH skin balance and combining sensory and visual experiences. While I don’t have a sensitive nose, necessary for a perfumer, I certainly never use products the scent of which I don’t like-don’t you find that the feel and quality of your skincare and bodycare, is as important as how it smells?


When travelling around the world, Elijah always puts emphasis on learning about new cultures and ingredients and when he founded Bodhi, he incorporated his vast knowledge into his products and continues to do so with every new product that gets added to the range.


My first experience of Bodhi bath and shower range came through Jasmine Falls, which renders me calm and relaxed even when I have had the most stressful or disheartening day. It manages to centre and calm me at the same time, soothing the senses and allowing the mind to let go of the whirring thoughts, in the same way that meditation does. The next, logical step was to try other bath and shower products and Assemblage Set allows you to experience all seven of Bodhi’s current bath and shower products, each notable for its best botanical skincare experience blended to perfection. You will experience the wonderfully evocative perfumery-grade scents ( Elijah uses premium ingredients like honeysuckle, hyacinth and jasmine absolu, as well as rose otto-they, unlike their synthetic counterparts,  allow the products fragrances to last longer. For me, an absolutely perfect example of the amazing combination of ingredients and the skill with which they are combined is one of Bodhi’s latest launches, Rosemary Chi Himalayan Detox Salt scrub-I wake up in the morning and smell its faint aroma on my skin from the night before, instantly making me feel happily serene).


Bodhi Botanical Therapies feature aromatherapuetic fragrances that were blended so that you feel Energised, Revived, Purified, Refreshed, Vitalised, Relaxed or Sensual. Each product contains a mild trio of cleansers derived from coconut oil and fruit sugars, which gently cleanse the skin, without stripping it of its natural oils.


The range is designed to be unisex and it is truly so. Some of the products that I find particularly evocative might have slightly mannish notes and yet I feel truly feminine when enveloped by those scents post-shower. I initially started using this set of products in spring-time  (was it me or did the weather feel more autumn-like this year in the UK ?) and now in the summer’s heat wave, each shower gel manages to cool, sooth or revive my skin, which I find almost magical. Many beauty products on the market are developed-and on many occasions rightly so ! -to work effectively during a specific time of the year, but Bodhi shower therapies tend to ‘lift up’ your skin, irrespective of the temperatures outside your window.


Jasmine Falls ( relaxing bath & shower therapy ): Jasmine Absolu, one of the key ingredients in this formulation, gives you a feeling of euphoria, while Lavender and Vetiver sooth your mind. Your skin will feel gently regenerated and cleansed, while your mind will become calmly relaxed. To be honest, this one is one of my absolute favourite products of all times because of its gentleness of the skin and potency with which it magically erases the worries or sorrows, giving way to a feeling of calm radiance.

Suitable for all skin types

Galangal Spice ( visualising bath and shower therapy ): this formula has been inspired by the traditional Far East remedies and blends together invigorating Galangal Root and Cardamon ( if you ever tried coffee with cardamom you will know what I am talking about ) with deep-cleansing Kaffir Lime Leaf ( it is also the most wonderfully fragrant cooking ingredients ). When used in the morning it awakens my mind and my body, sending energy levels up naturally and I feel ready to start the day with a clear head and a steady bounce in my step.

Suitable for all skin types

Rosemary Chi ( reviving bath & shower therapy ): here you have a synergy of Rosemary, Geranium, Petitgrain and Cedarwood that will ground you, revive your mind and sharpen your senses and intuition. Somehow, when I use it post-workout or in the evening, I find that within a short period of time I feel that my body and mind are one, in complete agreement with each other. My energy becomes more fluid, less rushed, even my breathing pattern changes. It awakens you up, clarifies your stream of thought and harmonises your skin balance. It has a definite sensual scent that makes you feel alert but not rushed-a perfect state of mind as far as I am concerned, with less margin for error.

Suitable for all skin types, especially dull or oily. Can be used as a hair wash as well 

Pep Noir ( energizing bath & shower therapy ): this formula will help to detox your skin by boosting your circulation with an active fusion of Black Pepper, White Thyme and Bergamot. Every time I open the bottle and inhale the scent it makes me think of Coca-Cola yet it gives me a healthy, lasting buzz, without the energy low. The warm, spicy aroma imparts a sense of confidence and makes me feel like I have just come from a sunny beach, where sea water was fused with the sweet smell of melon and sun protection.


Suitable for all skin types

Ylang-Ylang Incensa: ( sensual bath and shower therapy ): this shower product allows you to indulge in Oriental sensuality by fusing Ylang-Ylang with earthy and grounding Patchouli, hypnotic Honeysuckle, Neroli and Pink Peppercorn, giving you a perfectly balanced sense of Yin and Yang. When I use it in the evening it bring memories of the Maldives Spa adventures where the therapists relax you with their shy but vibrant smiles and soothing massage strokes. The power of scent allows you to travel without leaving your own home and on days when life might feel particularly dull, this shower therapy might even entice you to take a bath and let the worries of the day dissolve in the bubbly water.

Suitable for all skin types, especially good for dry or irritated skin

Palmarosa Verde ( purifying bath and shower therapy ): as soon as you lift the cap from this bottle you will feel the crisp freshness of spring on your skin after winter and picture the new green shoots bursting into life. The purifying blend of Palmarosa, Bourbon Geranium and Bulgarian Damask Rose Otto offer an opportunity to start the day on a perfectly sunny note by enlivening your senses and your skin with their confidently delicate fragrance.

Suitable for all skin types, particularly beneficial for combination skin

Mint The ( refreshing bath & shower therapy ): the fusion of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Marjoram and Frankincense is a little heady but I love the potency of this shower therapy. It is perfect if you are coming down with a cold or just don’t feel right, as it gives you a lively electrical jolt, propelling you to a revitalised state of well-being. It opens you up to life’s possibilities by giving you a feeling of being a capable captain of your own ship, sailing ahead on a wonderous life’s journey. I love using it in the morning or after I workout, as it soothes my tired muscles and makes sure that they don’t ache too much later.

Suitable for all skin types but particularly beneficial for dull or oily skin 

The special thing about those bath & shower therapies is that they can match your every mood and emotion, enhance your well-being by putting you back in a balance, as well as soften and gently moisturise your skin, leaving behind a faint but potent fragrance. All you need to do it open the bottle, inhale the scent and decided there and then if it’s the one for you for that moment in time.

Bodhi products are free from petrochemicals, sulphates, glycols, pegs, synthetic polymers, fragrance and colours, palm oil, animal ingredients.

Bodhi Assemblage Bath & Shower Gift Set, 7 x 50 mls bottles, £40 ( perfect for travel or gym kit )

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