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Last week I got a message about an event that Space.NK was hosting together with the Bodyism team and I duly noted it in my diary. I have tried a couple of their supplements already-Ultimate Clean Fibre and Protein Excellence Vanilla but was curious to talk to Bodyism trainers about combining training and nutrition. And somehow just thinking about this event made me feel invigorated even before I set foot on the Space.NK floor.

The store was heaving with activity but I saw Lee Mullins, Bodyism director of training and made a dash for him. Lee is one of the long-standing Bodyism trainers-he met James Duigan (founder of Bodyism ) around 2008, during a fitness course they did together and where they clicked professionally. Since then Lee has been training the clients and overseeing other aspects of the Bodyism enterprise as well.

Lee is very easy to talk to and he clearly takes pride in what he does. When I asked him where are the ingredients for Bodyism supplements are sourced from he told me that originally they mostly came from Australia, which tends to have ‘cleaner farming’ but now they also found a great new supplier who might seem ‘new age’ at first impression but is meticulous about farming, treating his livestock with love and respect ( cows are known to be massaged so the milk they produce is more flavoursome ) and producing might powerful ingredients for the supplements.


I told Lee about my fitness and nutrition woes, going from being very active and sensible about eating to not doing active fitness and eating on the run, so Lee talked me through Bodyism supplements that might help me to be more balanced in my attitude. I tried Berry Burn, which is a pre-exercise blend of Acai Berry ( a very popular super-berry that boosts your  body’s anti-oxidant protection ), Green Tea, Amino Acids and Inositol. When mixed with water it tastes predominantly of Acai berry and is really refreshing. It will help you body workout more efficiently and burn fat plus you will start your workout well hydrated, which is always a big plus.

Another supplement that I eyed and Lee mixed for me is called Body Brilliance. It is a protein and fibre chocolate shake that you can have in the morning, instead of breakfast and it will provide you with the necessary nutrition to start the day on a good note. Personally I never skip breakfast-you don’t want to meet a grumpy me-but this shake tasted really nice and it contains lots of things that I know are truly beneficial for our bodies. You have green tea and guarana-natural energy-lifters without the sudden dive, like sugar or coffee, as well as herbs and spices like cinnamon ( helps to stabilise your sugar cravings, if you are prone to it ) and tumeric, blueberries and goji berries, as well as whey protein that helps your body repair and build leaner muscles.


When I asked Lee what Bodyism supplement he favours for himself, he admitted that because of jet-lag ( the team is due to open a gym in LA, among other projects that they are working on ) and sleep fluctuations, he finds Serenity very helpful and I made a mental note to remember that. It is actually one of brand’s best-sellers.

While we were chatting and I was eating little berries that team Bodyism laid out for the customers-strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, I was also watching the trainers talking to women coming in, with ease and self-assurance of someone who is on to a secret. Truth be told, I think I have now a double incentive to go on a consistent body improvement spurt. Thank you Lee, now I know why James Duigan speaks so highly of you via Twitter .)

Bodyism supplements, books and clothing, as well as advice and great fitness mini videos are avaialable via their website.


1 thought on “Bodyism supplements event at Space.NK

  1. Great article. Sorry to have missed the event. Need the team to visit Space NK at Canary Wharf next! Really enjoy the Bodyism powders and am enjoying working my way through each of them. The Clean & Lean recipes are also fabulous.

    PS – I can’t believe there’s a Grumpy Galina 😉

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