Bopeeps underwear-a post Valentine’s Day afterthought

With Valentine’s day safely behind us-red roses past their sell-by date, silly cards or useless trinkets, tacky underwear ads ( I was honestly horrified by the Agent Provocateur ad with Poppy Delevigne ), I actually got thinking about practical underwear that each woman needs on a daily basis. Not too frilly, yet smart, the bras and knickers that actually make you feel womanly, with a hint of sexiness and accentuate your curves without tugging or pinching. That got you thinking, didn’t it?


BoPeeps aims to achieve just that with the range of soft and practical lingerie. The brand was started by a former music industry executive Bo Macdonaldwho became acutely aware of the need for the comfortable, yet stylish underwear during long work days and extensive travel. As Bo herself says: ” The Bopeeps brand started as a living room launch in 2007. For the first few years, I was a one woman show, spending all of my spare time developing the brand.  I always wanted to use stretch lace and the idea behind the brand was to combine an American sensibility (comfort) and a European aesthetic (pretty). The stretch lace that we use is chosen for its ‘give’.  No one wants their panties to pinch and VPL is as long gone, as the eight track tape’. 

We all want to look smart and underwear plays crucial part in how our final silhouette ends up looking. Bopeeps designs are made from stretch lace, which helps to maintain the elasticity of the garment, yet clings to you in all the right placed. You can order underwear sets ( Butterfly set or French knicker set ) or choose the bra ( Butterfly or Ballet ) or bottoms ( two types of thongs and two types of knickers) in a variety of colours to suit you, if you top/bottom size varies. 

Very recently I ordered ( and promptly received-the item arrives in a slim package that can go through your letterbox without you having to go to the post-office if you are out when the postman delivers your mail ) a Ballet bra. It has scalloped edging and semi-sheer patterned lace which has laser cut detailing and a very comfortable neck-line.


You can adjust bra straps ( it has no closure, instead you just pull it on and off ) and it has comfortable mesh lining with light support and no under-wire. However, coming from someone who prefers under-wire in general, this offers adequate support. You can wear it during the day or at night or even while lounging around. It feels greatly familiar next to the skin and is one of those bras that makes you feel good about yourself. An underwear that is simple, practical and thought-out. The type of underwear you probably don’t get as a Valentine’s gift, even though I think you should!

2 thoughts on “Bopeeps underwear-a post Valentine’s Day afterthought

  1. I just looked at their website and npw know what I will be buying this pay day! I think that too many lingerie brands have trouble distinguishing between sexy and trashy, so I am really happy to find such a pretty and lady like brand to buy underwear from. Thanks for sharing 🙂 x

    1. I am glad that you liked the article and the Bopeeps website. Bo has a very impressive story behind her brand & I think women need to be aware of such professional success stories in current unsteady times

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