Bridesmaids-if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you must!

Once in a while a movie comes along and it surprises people and exceeds expectations-well a comedy called ‘Bridesmaids’ is definitely one of those!

Having heard a few of my friends rave about this movie, i thought i would give it a go and not just on my own, by drag my hubby along too-one of my friend’s didn’t think it was a great idea as it is considered a ‘chick flick’, but I said that after watching ‘Red’ recently on DVD-husband loved it, me not so much-it was my turn to enjoy the movie !

‘Bridesmaids’ is essentially a story of two friends, one of whom, played by very pretty, coltish legged Kristin  Wiig (she co-wrote Bridesmaidsthe movie) is not having any luck on any of life’s fronts (be it work, personal life or living arrangements) is asked to be a maid of honour of her best friend Lilliane. What ensues in the course of the 125 minute movie is extremely hilarious but steeped in the reality of every day life, to which many of us can relate on some level. I loved Kristen and Rose Byrne, who was magnificent as an upscale wife who muscled into the wedding organisation and being a bridesmaid but it’s the Melissa McCarthy who playes Megan, the sister of the groom, who almost steals all the best lines and is so so filthily funny you just end up laughing when she as much as winks-yet it’s still a story of life, love and friendship and some situations or lines just make you think ‘hell yes, i wish i said that too !’ And best of all, you can watch this comedy every time you are feeling down and it would work its magic on cheering you up every time, guaranteed! So run girlfriends and watch it-there is a glimmer of hope for all of us, if we put heart and souls in what we do every day, particularly investing the time and effort and care into people who mean something to us. The funniest comedy I have seen in a very long time!

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