Brighter Eyes with Ipsum Eye Oil Balm

It’s not just the ‘older’ crowd that gets dark shadows or tired-looking eye area – something that I have noticed in the last few months looking at my own children’s faces. Some of it can be attributed to genetics, some – to our daily lifestyle choices. Of course there are plenty of eye care products on the market, targeting and helping address the problems that often draw focus to our faces for the wrong reasons, at times makes us extra self-consious. Over the years I have tried and tested a fair share of eye care products and in my experience few make a noticeable difference. But the world of beauty, like time, doesn’t stand still, and I gladly bring Ipsum Eye Oil Balm to your “eyetension” and into The Curiosity Gap beauty spotlight.

Ipsum Eye Oil Balm

“Created & bottled in Byron Bay, Australia, Ipsum uses sustainably-sourced, certified organic oils made from plants grown in their natural habitat. Founded & formulated by Janet Hayward who has been experimenting with, and writing about the beauty industry for over 25 years.”

Ipsum Skin

I was lucky to receive this eye oil balm in January, when it was launched into the world. Being already familiar with both the brand and its products, I was curious to look beyond the press release in terms of the results it would potentially produce. I tend to go to bed late and get up early, so under-the-eye shadows are something that I tend to want to address the most (putting the option of concealer aside). The area around the eyes is much more delicate and can be more sensitive than the rest of the face, particularly if you are the contact lens wearer.

A concentrated, feather-light balm, it comes in the little tube and you only need the tiniest amount to ‘cover’ the whole of the eye area – under and over the eyes. Janet selects and uses pure, organic Australian grown and harvested native botanicals and the brief for this product was to address smoothness, firmness, nourishment, puffiness and dark shadows, while re-energising the delicate eye area. A lot of targets, but can they all be met at the same time by one product?

laser focus on the eye area

The delicate balm has a texture that reminds me of the hybrid of balm, gel and oil – the like of which I haven’t experienced before in the eye care formula.

Galina AP, beauty journalist & founder of The Curiosity Gap

A carefully thought out blend of plant oils and esters, the eye balm is rich in polyphenols, antioxidants, peptides and skin-caring vitamins A, C & E. One of the star ingredients here is Backuchiol, which is anti-oxidant rich and helps to boost collagen production that naturally occurs in our skin, but sadly actively declines with age. Banksia, an ingredient that I first came across thanks to Janet, helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles and works in tandem with the Cucumber extract, helping to sooth the skin & reduce puffiness. Squalene helps to calm, moisturise & re-hydrate the skin around the eyes. Carrot Seed, Rosehip and Australian Macadamia Seed oils fortify the skin & help to nourish it on a deeper level. While many people don’t mind strong scents of their eyecare products, I prefer them to have a subtle, lightest of smells, if at all. In this case the combination of Honeysuckle, Lavender and Sandalwood is not only delicate, but relaxing – in fact, my normally finely a-tuned nose can barely decipher the scent and that is a testament to the complex knowledge, yet sophisticated execution when it comes to this eye care product.

Gently massage Ipsum Eye Oil Balm above & below the eye, in the morning & at night-time

I already mentions this product’s unusual texture, but it doesn’t stop there. Even the tiniest amount gives a beautiful glide, allowing you to apply it without pinching or dragging the skin. The smoothness of the skin after the application is instantly visible, even on days when you might not have hydrated yourself adequately internally and the under the eye area looks post application, as if you passed the ‘hold back the time’ filter or wand over the skin. The eye area also looks instantly more refined and toned. To start with, I used the product only in the evenings, but because it somehow gave me the focus and element of unmistakable pleasure to apply it, a week after starting to trial it, I started using it during my morning skincare routine as well. Within a couple of weeks the effect was unmistakable – my skin around the eyes was much better hydrated, smoother, brighter & plumper. And even with fewer hours sleep on many consecutive nights lately, my under-the-eye shadows didn’t become more visible – rather the effect was the opposite and I found myself foregoing the under the eye concealer all together on some days.

Ipsum Eye Oil Balm is formulated with 46,66% organic ingredients and 100% naturally-derived ones

Ingredient Corner for Ipsum Eye Oil Balm

  • Australian Banksia: a potent antioxidant active, naturally rich in photo-compounds that help reduce pigmentation that causes dark circles under the eye. An effective anti-inflammatory, it soothes irritation & redness and helps alleviate the effects of sun exposure, while boosting skin hydration.
  • Bakuchiol: a plant-derived retinoid, it’s an ideal, non-irritating active for even the most sensitive skin. It helps to visibly smooth skin texture and tone, promote renewal of skin cells. It is also effective in stimulating collagen and addressing pigmentation.
  • Squalane: similar to skin’s own lipids, this antioxidant effectively helps boost skin’s hydration levels, while protecting skin and its cells against free radicals. I can also improve collagen production, resulting in firmer skin texture.
Brighter eyes helps light up the whole face

As this post goes up on the International Women’s Day, I want to say ‘thank you’ to Janet, Ipsum’s founder and many female founders of niche beauty brands that I admire and appreciate. No matter the difficulties, challenges and adversities, women are the ones who carry on, coming up with practical, nurturing solutions that make the world a better place. They are the ones who challenge existing business models and paradigms in order to come up with more efficient, ethical ways to run a business, find reliable & consious suppliers, create products that combine the best of science and nature, while not jeopardising the planet further. They face personal and professional challenges, yet find the time to support others, share advice or kind words and bring things into the world that make others look and feel better about themselves. Beauty can indeed be superficial, if it lacks substance and power of conviction, but it can also be transformative and empowering even in the darkest of times.

To learn more about Ipsum, please click here to go to brand’s website.

If you are in the UK, you can find Ipsum band insights or purchase products here

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