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DSC02936There are so many buggies out there that choosing one gives you a headache. I have gone through a few, the firm favourites being Quinny’s buzz 3 and Zapp (and my best friend adores Phil & Teds).

However, as kids get bigger our everyday journeys with them, often loaded with shopping bags, turn our bodies into wrecks by the end of the day. All you want is a compact, durable, not too expensive (Maclaren for well over £200 anyone?) buggy with a shopping basket that will fit in more than a raincover or a book.

Well, you are in luck, there is one such stroller from Petite Star called Zia. I wasn’t a 100% sure when I bought it but the more I walk with it, the more I like it. It’s very easy to fold (mine came with a free transit/carry bag at Mothercare); it’s got big handles; the rain cover covers the child AND your handbag , it fits snugly around the buggy and is easy to put on/take off; the shopping basket is positioned at the back and allows you to put in quite a few items; its wheels are quite manoeverable; and it’s suitable from birth as you can pull the back of the buggy into the almost flat position and your sleeping toddler will enjoy such comfort too. Also, this one seems slightly bigger than Quinny zapp and might last longer if you have a tall toddler. Oh, and I am sure than you will like the price, especially as you can shop around for deals.

Fopr more details & technical information, go to the following link:


Finally, just one more observation-don’t leave your toddler unattended in it, unless he/she is properly strapped in-if you only strap the child in around the waist and he/she leans out to the side, the kid just might make the buggy fall over and get a bump in the process. One can never be too careful with the little mischief-makers .)

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