‘Burger & Lobster’ in Mayfair or how I kissed the door and went to ‘Automat’…

Last week I went to a rock concert and when it was finished and I felt high on energy and joy, my husband and I decided to drive to Mayfair and try to grab a burger at a relatively new place, called ‘Burger & Lobster’ in Clarges street ( where an old Irish pub used to be ) which is run by the same Russian team, who own Goodman restaurant, famous in Moscow for its steaks. When we arrived at 22:40pm a lovely waitress told us that the last orders are usually taken at 22:30pm and she was really sorry but we were too late. The place looked simple and nice, the waitress had a sweet smile, so we graciously bid our farewell.

Last night, my husband and I decided to try our luck again, as the place doesn’t take reservations and we arrived at 21:20pm to be met by a tall, burly guy, who asked us if we wanted to have a table for two and then gleefully edged us out, saying that ‘we are fully booked, better luck next time’-his exact words, with a smirk, I kid you not…The place had some empty seats and I tried reasoning with him, saying that we were late last week and were told that coming around 21pm-21:30pm should be ok. He would have none of it and to be honest, with such attitude of the staff, I don’t think we will be returning to this place, even if they make great food and burgers.

We went to ‘Automat‘ on Dover street, where we were greeted nicely, sat down and served fairly quickly ( even though the place looked quite busy ) with a great burger, thin, perfectly salted fries and a couple of glasses of wine. Our waiter looked like Andre 3000 from Outkast and was charm personified.

So tell me, who needs a rude Russian owned place with an attitude, when you can go to a friendly American not far away ?

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