Candle comforts from Nadia Narain

NN2NN1Lately days seem to be getting shorter, darker and colder so we all look for familiar comforts-warm clothes and boots, delicious warming foods, cosy blankets and shawls to wraps ourselves in.

Some people like to fill their living quarters with candles. A lot of my girlfriends adore Jo Malone’s candles or have a Diptyque obsessions but my favourite by far until recently has been a simple lavender one from L’Occitaine. It was contained in a simple metal tin and every time I would light it, it will take me back to the smell of lavender fields during summer holidays in Provence. It calmed and grounded me and helped me sleep deeply and peacefully. However, nothing stays static and preferences change too.

I have heard about a yoga teacher Nadia Narain many times, particularly her pregnancy yoga classes. It also seems that she makes beautiful candles made of 100% plant wax, which are chemical free, don’t produce soot and contain aromatherapy oils.

There are four large ones which are called Joy (sweet orange, lavender & ylang ylang), Peace (lavender), Love (rose geranium) and Hope (basil, bay laurel). She also makes a beautiful Mother’s prayer candle for expectant mums that comes in a large size and a really pretty small one that contains a sweet prayer that friends or family can say for the goodness of the expectant woman. Each candle comes beautifully packaged, with wonderful lettering and a pretty sticker inside. And its smell….how do I even begin to describe the wonderfully fresh smell of her candles that you sense even before you open the box?

Each candle is so pretty it almost feels like a crime to light them but when I mentioned it to Nadia her reply was almost instant: ‘you should never save a candle, live everyday as if its your last, there are more!!’. And I think she is so right, we only have one life, so let’s make every day very special and surround ourselves with people and things that make us happy. I am off to light my new candle and indulge my senses in its smell .)

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