Thoughts on Pedicures

I wonder if you like your feet ? Mine are not pretty or ugly, I think they are just average looking, but boy, do I use and abuse them on the daily basis. Every 5 weeks or so, I tug my hair and think ‘It’s time’. I then book an appointment for a pedicure and enjoy the feeling of lightness I get upon leaving the spa. Now, the question is ‘cheap or expensive’? Well, everyone is different and as yet, I haven’t been brave enough to shell out about £120 plus for the pleasure of being treated by Monsieur Bastien Gonzalez, who is known as the God of pedicures. I have been to different spas around the world and recently was curious enough to go to a Margaret Dabbs Foot Clinic & Nail spa in Marylebone to have what is called a ‘medical pedicure’. The place was pleasant but busy, with one woman discussing her business appointments loudly on the phone. ‘My god’, I thought to myself, ‘that would be an hour of ruined bliss’ but hurray, I was whisked downstairs to my own private room. The stern looking young woman examined my feet and having reclined me in the big, comfy leather chair got on to drilling, smoothing and prettifying my feet. The end result was fine but the question is ‘would I come back?’ The answer is probably not. My feet didn’t feel that different compared to how they normally feel when I exit California Nail bar, where Chinese girls do my feet and hands in one hour and my feet last a good 4 or 5 weeks, unless I am frolicking in the sand. For my pedicure there I pay £25 as opposed to £75 at the Margaret Dabbs clinic, with one of the qualified podiatrists (and the nail painting is £15 extra!) and I keep on going back. It is an unpretentious and tiny space and yes, I do take my own base and polishes with me but it is simple and my feet look and feel good. The only annoying factor is girls squabbling in Chinese non-stop. But you know what? I have learned to ignore it and get on with reading my glossy or a book. Simple, non guilty pleasure which makes my feet look pretty. And my bank manager can’t tell me off for that one.