Naif baby care products review

When it comes to looking after our skin there are so many brands one can easily get lost in exploring, however the same cannot be said about children’s skincare and this fact continues to baffle me. Babies are born with delicate skin and using many mainstream brands can lead to all sorts of problems later – pediatricians are already alarmed by the rapid rise of skin problems like eczema. To come across a baby care brand that doesn’t contain mineral oils, PEGs, parabens, SLS, synthetic fragrances, phenoxyethanol is always a joy but have you ever come across kids skincare brand started by fathers ? If not, let me introduce Naif, a Dutch brand.


Naif baby care was started in 2012 by two entrepreneurial fathers ( they used to work at Google and Unilever ), Sjoerd Trompetter and Jochem Hes, who weren’t keen on using mainstream baby care products on their children. They developed Naif with input from specialist formulators, dermatologists and more importantly, with feedback from other parents. At the moment there are seven products in the range, as well as four gift sets, including a starter kit and travel set, with the sun care line to be launched later this year.


All Naif products were formulated in Switzerland with many ingredients sourced in Holland. Sjoerd and Jochem made sure that the packaging has universal appeal and was practical as well. I was particularly impressed when I met Jochem last December at the Babycino ShopUp ink Chelsea Town hall as he was truly animated and knew every single aspect when it came to each product. Men generally get involved in buggy or car buying, so to see a father who was concerned about his kids skincare is a wonderful delight and I hope that wonderful wind of change from Europe will turn into the sweeping wind of positive change.

There are the following Naif products to choose from:

Cleansing Wash Gel

Milky Bath Oil

Nurturing Cream

Softening Body Lotion

Nourishing Shampoo

Diaper Cream

Soothing Massage Oil


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New clothing brand for kids: Greenberry Kids

Motherhood brings with it lots of worries & challenges but it is one of the most magical roles we get to play in life. Becoming a mother also often taps into our creativity reserves that flourish and take us into new pastures. Joo, a friend of mine, made quite a jump from working in the City to becoming an entrepreneur and I think that you will fall in love with Greenberry Kids, her clothing for children venture.


Joo was born and raised in South Korea. She studied fashion design at University and did an exchange year in Australia, where she realised that she was great at the business side of things, as well as dressing up well but wasn’t amazing at the actual design process. So upon her return back home to Korea, she transferred to do an economics degree. With her diploma complete, Joo came to the UK to further her studies and then worked in the City, in trade finance, which in a way, unknown to her at the time, prepared for her current role, an entrepreneur mother.


When Joo’s daughter Bee was born, she went on maternity leave but decided not to return to banking after the first year, viewing her daughter’s first few months as precious. Kids get bigger and start school, so Joo started getting restless and returned to banking, focussing on financial modelling and doing due diligence on businesses in debt. However her passion for fashion was getting stronger and after getting lots of compliments on the way she was dressing her daughter, this October Joo launched Greenberry Kids website and started doing trade & trunk shows, as well as pop-ups.


Greenberry Kids combine Asian prints ( animals or stars, that appeal to both children, as well as parents ) with a Scandinavian look. There are

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Latest addition to Childs Farm: a nappy cream

As every new mother knows nappy area requires care, attention and good hygiene practise. However even older kids can be prone to redness, so a good nappy cream always stays in mother’s rescue kit. I am happy to report that recently an award-winning British brand Childs Farm ( named after the founder’s Joanna Jensen farm )announced its latest addition to their wonderful range and their NEW Nappy Cream is not just 98% natural but also contains softening and hydrating shea and cocoa seed butters, as well as anti-inflammatory Aloe Vera which also helps to keep the skin well moisturised.


As with the entire Childs Farm collection, Nappy cream for happy bottoms is suitable from newborns upwards. The formula is mild, kind and safe for all skin types, including sensitive and eczema prone skin. In a recent independent user trial, 98%* of parents of babies with eczema said they would recommend Childs Farm to other parents with babies with eczema. Sadly eczema seems to be rearing up its dry head and more babies seem to be suffering from it ( according to the statistics kindly provided by Childs Farm team, 20% of under 5s in the UK now have atopic eczema and most often than not doctors prescribe steroids to treat this skin condition, instead of helping to manage it naturally ).

The key to preventing sore bottoms and nappy rash is through cleanliness and moisturisation as nfection occur when skin is dehydrated and skin cells develop gaps between them, thus allowing germs to get underneath.

I also appreciate not just the practicality of Childs Farm packaging but it’s visually enticing effect, as each product features characters from the NEW Childs Farm cartoon, which is now shown daily on the Cartoonito Channel on Sky. The whole approach is very appealing as Joanna, the founder of the brand, doesn’t just focus on her role and responsibilities for her own kids, she also makes sure she gets the message of the right type of skincare for women who might want to go for an easy option of buying let’s say Johnson’s Baby. While Childs Farm products are NOT fully organic but they are natural and do contain organic essential oils. I lost count of how many of my girlfriends and colleagues now rave about Childs Farm skincare ( CF products are perfect gifts, as well as party bag fillers ), praising it for the smell and efficacy. And it’s not just the mothers who adore the products, it’s the children themselves who are happy to use them during bath time. My kids always make sure I pack their favourites when we travel and if that is not the best advertisement for the brand, I don’t know what is.


Now, let’s dig a little bit deeper on the subject of nappy rash, shall we?

The Science
The outer layer of our skin is called the Epidermis, which makes new skin cells and protects everything beneath the surface of the skin from dehydration, stress and infection. The very top part of the epidermis – stratum corneaum – is in turn coated with a fine acid film (acid mantle) that is the first line of defense against viruses and other foreign invaders.

Skin Hydration
Healthy skin cells are plump because they are full of water. read more

Kid’s Super Hero from Bare Biology

September heralds the beginning on a new school year and the reaction of kids varies from utter excitement to contentious sulking. It will probably take a few weeks for both parents and the kids to adjust to the new timetables, after-school rota of activities, endless play-dates and demands of the new year but there is a helping fin from Bare Biology in the form of a liquid Super hero.


I have reviewed Bare Biology’s Lion Heart Sicilian lemon Omega-3 fish oil in April and am happy to report that not only to I continue to take it daily, but my penguins are now happily demanding their own Super Hero oil Omega 3 Fish Oil right after breakfast, before we make a dash for school.

What makes it special and why should you consider giving it to your child? Well, to start with, Melanie Lawson, brand’s founder, is a mother of three and we all know that being a mother often gives you extra inspiration and motivation, especially in unsteady and worrying times we currently live in, when nutritional content of the food can be somewhat lacking and children face growing pressures since the moment they step over the school threshold.

Omega 3 is essential for children’s development but many kids don’t like the smell or the taste of fish, leading to many arguments in the kitchen table. What to do? One single 1ml

drop of Super Hero contains the same amount of Omega 3 that
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reflections on parenthood

Now that the summer is over, its nice to look back at the summer holiday when the pace was somewhat different if you have the children – no school runs and possibly slightly more time in bed in the morning but kids need time and attention, so you can never rest on your laurels.


Looking at the sea waves while digging my toes deep into the sand, I reflected on motherhood and combining it with work, with constant pressures and deadlines and realised with relish that summer is such a wonderful time to spend less time with technology and more re-connecting with our family, children and friends. What can be better than switching off the TV and eating dinner in the garden, while discussing your day and making plans ahead? Or leisurely reading with the children and talking about life with them? Or discovering new corners of the city, foraging in the forest, building castles on the beach or just making new discoveries, together, with no destructions or time pressure. Children grow up so quickly and life is fleeting, so make the time to enjoy the company of your children, both sides can only benefit from it.


Childs Farm marches onto high street with three new launches

After the domination of Johnson & Johnson baby products on the shelves of supermarkets and high street chemists it is exciting to see the gentle breeze of change with natural kids skincare ranges taking their pride of place on the shelves. The powerful benefit is that you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to give your child’s skin the best start in life, caring for it gently and lovingly with the products that don’t contain harsh chemicals that will aggravate the skin and the latest news that Boots and Waitrose, following in the footsteps of  John Lewis are now stocking Childs Farm products will cheer up CF existing fans and will hopefully give the brand a wider reaching exposure.

Childs Farm is a British brand that is dermatalogically, as well as pediatrician approved and the team creates natural toiletries that will work even on sensitive, as well as eczema prone skin. Launching Childs Farm on Boots shelves ( bigger branches for now ) also coincided with the brand launching three new products: 3 in 1 Swim, Bubble Bath and Hair Detangler.


3 in 1 swim: whether you have a baby or a child of school age you must be familiar with swimming pools most of which come filled with the chlorinated water than not only doesn’t smell that great but is also quite harsh on children’s much more delicate than adult skin. This newly launched all -in-one shampoo, conditioner and body wash contains strawberry, as well as organic mint and will help you wash away the chlorine, while leaving the skin soft and the hair shiny. Instead of adding bulk to the already significant bag or rucksack laden with swimming paraphilia you just pop in one lovely apple green bottle in and it will help your child smell as children should -of natural freshness and sunny childhood happiness.

p.s I recently came across Ecotools bath sponge that does a great job at cleaning the skin, giving it a gently natural buff, as well as a being ‘mock toy ball’ during bath time.  


Hair Detangler: if you child has naturally curly hair you probably don’t anticipate hair-washing and view it more as a ‘it must be done’ rather than ‘this is going to be a wonderful time with my kid’ but this hair detangler was developed to work on ‘flowing locks’ in particular, probably keeping in mind that after a restful night sleep your curly treasure looks more like curly sheep than a sleek pony. Shake the bottle, spray it on your child’s hair, paying particular attention to the tangles and gently comb through ( Childs Farm hair brush often gets poached by me to brush my tresses and encourage the gentle hair shine, without irritating the scalp ), repeating as required.This is definitely one of the products ( it contains uplifting grapefruit and rosemary extracts and organic tea tree leaf oil ) that will simplify your morning routine, as well as deter head lice, which seem to be a regular point of conversation for mums on a school run.


Bubble Bath: even though I am not a huge fan of daily luxurious baths myself, there is nothing better than to end a day with the warm bubbly water that melts the tension and days worries away and washes away sweat and frustration of the day. This foaming bubble bath smells zesty due to tangerine orange and lifts the spirits, so it’s not just the little ninjas that enjoy its benefits but tired mothers as well. Truth be told that is one of the most endearing qualities that attracts me to Childs Farm  – not only the products are developed taking into account the fact that children’s skin is different to ours but they would be happily shared in your household. Another benefit is that with their very accessible price point it has a luxurious feel without making one bulk at the cost. On many occasions I not only recommend those products but give them as birthday gifts and get countless compliments with mothers unanimously saying how much their children love using the products.


Looking after oneself is not a luxury, it’s a must and a human right and instilling good hygiene habits in our children-first giving them baths when they are babies, letting them relax and enjoy the bonding time safely held in the parent’s loving hands and later giving them the products that will care for their skin and appeal to their ‘coolness’ and ‘goodness’ factor with the fruity smells and happy vibes, will hopefully leads to a happier and healthier members of the household all together. And that is one very precious gift that is so easily bestowed and hopefully will be supported by more and more retailers !  

Child Farm products don’t
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