Baby bottoms

Babies have the cutest bums, chubby and pink. Unless they have an upset stomach or you forget to care for them and then they become RED. Not nice and it makes our little darlings cry too. So, since my son has been born I have been doing extensive research. For really bad rashes-not that he had many of those, thank God, Sudocream is the winner hands down. I always take a small tub with me when I travel because I know that it can also heal the skin on other parts of the body. Now, I don’t use it every day and to find a suitable alternative wasn’t easy because I am demanding. It has to smell good, not be too gooey, be nicely packaged and make sure that my son’s bottom looks presteen. I tried Method baby squeaky green nappy cream, but it does smell quite clinical (and I do love their kids bath bubbles) and takes a while to absorb. Kiehl’s does a diaper rash ointment, which smells nice, but is very thick and stays on the skin for too long. So far, so trial and error. But my search did pay off when I came across the brand called Boo Boo baby soothing bottom butter-it is packaged in a small or big pot-nice to have a choice for home or travel, it works a treat and it also smells… it smells like cookies and cream-I can eat it, well, almost. Try it, I promise you that you will love it and your baby’s bum would too. Then there is also my second favourite-Weleda calendula nappy change cream-it smells great, heals rashes and sore bottoms or even slightly red ones too quickly and my son loves to play with it while I change his nappy. And because the tube is quite big it is going to last and last-I only wish they made it in smaller size, for travel. Happy bottom, happy baby, happy mummy.