100 days of President Trump IQ2 debate in London

It’s always fascinating to see political debates in public, garnering emotions that rule over people taking part, whether on stage or in the audience. Last night’s Intelligence read more

Coverage of Russian politics – is objectivity dead?

If you watch the news, you couldn’t have failed to notice the negativity that accompanies any coverage of Russian politics. Being Russian-born but living in England, I keep an eye on the coverage read more

Intelligence Squared+Google Hangout+You Tube=Versus liberating opinion debate

On March 13th Intelligence Squared hosted a Versus global live debate series using Google+ Hangout, which was streamed ‘live’ on YouTube. The subject of the debate was ‘It’s time to end the was on drugs’ and it took place at a very cool and modern venue called King’s Place close to King’s Cross.

The building itself is tall, but not imposing and when you walk to it you feel like you are in another world, where old merges with new, thus creating a very interesting area vibe. There are several floors, restaurants, cafe, exhibition spaces and auditoriums, and the debate was hosted at the concert level. The auditorium itself was light and airy, with comfortable seats and a feeling of intimacy with the audience.

Forty years ago Richard Nixon and his administration declared the war or drugs, yet it seems that the same landscape and problems remain and the debate united people interested in resolving this problem or at least having a productive discussion with people and speakers present in the audience or beamed/ streamed from around the world, thus hopefully making us all feel like part of big community.

The debate was moderated by

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