Celebrities & their looks

We live in a cynical society where spin is a norm and truth is a shade of lies. But sometimes it almost gets too much for your to bear and you scream from frustration.

I was reading a February issue of British Tatler recently, which has Sharon Stone on its cover. To be honest, she looks absolutely stunning-beautiful hairstyle, flowing dress, tanned skin, toned figure and pretty make-up-what’s not to like, especially when she says that she is 51 and she looks damn hot? Then I read the interview and yet again asked myself a question as to why almost every interview with a well-known cover girl-be it a model, actress, singer or an ‘It girl’ talks about food or rather how she loves it, eats everything she likes and her good looks & trim body are down to her great genes?

Every woman is different-in her looks, in her shape and in her attitude to life. Some of us are naturally pretty and some become pretty when they skilfully apply their make-up or are in love. Some are naturally slim and can get away with eating a lot without gaining an ounce and some put on weight by just looking at the tray of freshly baked croissants. But we all become older, our metabolism slows down and we either have to start paying attention to how and what we eat or our waistline suffers. On top of that our hormones rage, our bodies go through labour and childbirth, we are often under a lot of stress balancing a hundred balls on a daily basis-sounds familiar, right? In the midst of it all we have our celebrities, who live in their own bubble world but on the pages of glossies pretend to be just as normal as we are. My problem with celebrity women like these comes down to the fact that they put unrealistic expectations on normal women’s shoulders.

Famous women depend on their looks. They put a lot of time and I would imagine, effort, in how they look. They have teams of beauticians, therapists, dieticians, nannies, personal trainers etc. to help them. Nothing wrong with that. What is fundamentally wrong, in my opinion, is to say that you have never had anything done when your face and body clearly look quite different to how they used to (you can’t ‘workout’ your face, can you or magically erase wrinkles or body fat).

Our grandmothers and mothers didn’t have plastic surgeons or facialists, their beauty routines were simpler, they didn’t gulp down a wide variety of vitamins, gyms didn’t exist (and if they did, they were quite basic compared to what we have now) and Botox injections weren’t the norm. In our times, I do think that every woman has a right to do whatever she wants with her face or her body in order to look good. If you want to age gracefully, without complicated beauty routines and regular trips to the cosmetic surgeon-great. If you need all that in order to look good in your eyes, again, it’s your choice. But to have things done, hardly eat, workout like crazy and then say that you hardly do anything and it is all down to your gene pool? Come on, we deserve better than that. What’s wrong with coming out and saying ‘yes, I had cosmetic procedures and see, I look fantastic but I also tried this and thas, and I wouldn’t recomend it’? Or ‘yes, I have to watch what I eat, because the camera puts on 20 pounds and I wouldn’t be hired for the role otherwise’.

I know a well-known facialist who has many celebrity clients, a well-known model among them. I always thought she looked great (in the interviews she says it’s down to her active lifestyle and holistic approach). But you know what? She had things done but would never admit to it and that, in my eyes, is unforgivable. Don’t pretend, don’t lie, it’s better not to say anything on the subject rather than say one thing and do quite the other. Women who admire you or aspire to look like you deserve better.

Truth be told, many of us actually look better when we are older. When you are over 30 you are more likely to know who you are, what you want, what suits you and what makes you happy. Armed with all of that we are stronger and more beautiful, be it the way God made us or with a little help from the plastic surgeon. That is the personal choice that deserves respect. Just be honest about it, if asked.

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