Christian Dior event with Newby Hands at Selfridges

DSC02974If you are anything like me, you will find occasional makeovers at make-up counters useful for advice, applications and new buys. But on this occasion it was the fact that Newby Hands, the wonderful Health & Beauty Director at Harpers Bazaar UK, was taking part in it that made me want to attend. I called Selfridges but as luck would have it, they were fully booked. I resigned myself to waiting for the next opportunity to arise, but kind forces were on my side and a few days ago a lovely lady telephoned me, saying that they have had a cancellation and there was an early morning spot for me.

Bright and early I arrived at the Dior counter and was met by a tiny, pretty make-up artist called Adeline. She had the biggest eyes and had a lovely French accent, so I instantly felt at ease and made myself comfortable in the chair before the mirror and make-up table.

In the next hour Adeline took me through different products (L’Or de Vie products, especially the eye cream, that glides smoothly and has a round tipped applicator, were to die for but reader, they are expensive !) and techniques. Adeline normally works at the Christian Dior counter at Peter Jones (it seems there is a whole wonderful team of people working there, remember the Kiehl’s helpful & knowledgeable staff I told you about in my previous posting?) and she certainly knows her products. Until recently I haven’t used much of Dior’s make-up, apart from their delicious golden lip glosses or lipsticks (that glide on smoothly, stay put and don’t make your lips dry) but Adeline showed me the potential of CD’s Nude ‘Natural glow hydrating make-up’ (it is velvety smooth and goes on your face effortlessly, accentuating your skin, not covering it; one more tip here-apply with a brush for longer-lasting effect) and their ‘All-in-one Artistry Palette’ for eyes is a miracle product (there is base, colour, shadow, shine and liner plus two small, double-sided brushes & clearly written instructions with application pictures), as their eye shadows accentuate your eyes without going into creases, if applied correctly ( I still have to reach a ‘professional application method’ on this one). Another handy tip was to dot your liquid eyeliner with CD’s eyeliner brush in-between your upper eyelashes-this makes your eyes stand out, eyelashes seem darker and the effect is subtly seductive but very natural. It almost is like you look different but one can’t pinpoint why is it exactly.

I normally only use mascara in the evening, when going out, but Dior’s new and as-yet-unavailable Diorshow Extase mascara(you have to wait until March 23rd before you can get your hands on it) mascara is beyond sensational and it’s application brush is unlike any I have seen before.

I also got to spend time with Newby, who is even better looking in real-life. She is tall and willowy, easily smiles and is happy to answer your beauty questions, no matter how mundane they are. We talked about so many things, including organic skincare, vitamins & supplements ( according to Newby one has to remember that we are all individual in our needs, and one supplement might be great for me, but will have no effect on my best friend, for example). She does say that lifestyle is important and that it is essential that we listen to our bodies. Newby seems really honest and I will definitely take on board that fact that she would rather not write about the not-so-good staff but will cover the great and useful products, that make our lives better, bodies fitter and beauty more radiant.

 And one more thing. Russian women tend to pay attention to their looks. Little girls are brought up with the importance of looking good, having regular manicures and pedicures and paying attention to their posture, dress sense and make-up. I remember someone said to me, when was younger, that one has to look at the woman’s hands in order to tell if she is a real lady. Newby had beautiful hands, with a fantastic burgundy polish that I instantly wanted to know the name of. I only hope in the future to have a chance to learn more from this radiant & knowledgeable woman. And I will definitely pop into Peter Jones for updates with Adeline.

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