Christmas gift ideas-Gorgeous Couture dresses

Whether you need a beautiful dress for a Christmas Party or the male in your life wants to pleasantly surprise you, GorgeousGC Couture would be able to solve that dilemma.

The site offeres beautifully hand crafted dresses in Italian crepe jersey fabric and whether you want a more showy dress (decorated with crystalized Swarovski elements) or a more sedate, quietly stylish dress, you will be spoilt for choice in terms of style and colours. There are three collections: Swarovski, Signature Style and Celeb Style, but if you want to go a step further, the company offers a ‘made to measure’ service, so you can have a dress made in your choice of colour, style and to your exact measurements.

The prices will give you a pleasant surprise too and I can testify that the quality of the dresses are as good as it gets, so your girlfriends will want to find out where you got your stunning dress from-whether you will want to let them on your secret, is up to you.

 There are alsoGC1 regular promotions to keep an eye for and your order will arrive in a beautiful black box, hanging on a velvet hanger and wrapped in pretty blue paper-and when you open it, you will feel like a Princess, special and loved!

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