Christmas gift ideas-Intelligent Nutrients gift sets for lips and body and soul

INAs it is starting to get close to THAT time of the year, I thought I might start doing little posts on gift ideas, in case some of your are struggling to come up with novel ideas for your loved ones.

Not so long ago, I raved about Intelligent Nutrients, an organic brand that got me completely addicted to their lip glosses, well now they came up with a clever gift idea called In Joy the holidays Lip Care Kit, which comprises three Antioxidant Lip delivery glosses-in clear frosting, purple maise (a beautiful dark berry colour) and a Christmas limited edition one called cranberry glow ( a warm red colour that will work whatever your hair colour) plus a wonderfully delicious and moisturising Lip Delivery Nutrition. The set comes in a beautiful silver box and has a colourful booklet telling you about the products-I would say it’s a must for the females in your life, whatever their age. The price of this gift is also fantastic, as ultimately you are only paying for the three products, if you were to buy them on their own, a a fourth comes for free .)

Another cute idea and a wonderful hostess gift is a set of three Intelligent Nutrients destress express soaps, which smell beyond wonderful. These non-toxic body bars can be used on your face, body or hair ( personally I use it on my body, as I think face cleansers and shampoos were invented for a reason .). These soaps are full of antioxidants and will cleanse your body gently and safely and the combination of coconut, spearmint leaf, rosemary leaf, peppermint, chamomile, vanilla, cinnamon bark , jojoba  and lime oils are very warming and uplifting and help you clear your head after a busy day or early in the morning, when you truly want to stay in a warm bed, rather than go to work, do a school run or domestic errands.

Intelligent Nutrients (In joy) The shine lip care kit £44, The holiday destress express body bar £10 for 3x40g

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