Christmas gifts-limited edition aromatherapy treats from Michelle Roques-O’Neil

If you are struggling to find gifts for your girlfriends, mother, aunt or a girl dear to your heart (in case you are a sensitive male), look no further than limited edition candles, oils (that are custom made) and bathing treats from Michelle Roques-O’Neil.

Before launching her full aromatherapy line of products in the New Year (something to look forward to !), she came up with the essentials that any woman would love and the men might benefit from too.

Your choice menu is as follows:

Bath & Shower Essence:

-Lavender, fire-tree & blood orange to calm and balance or

-Geranium, frankincense & ylang ylang to uplift and liberate 100 mls, £25 each

Foaming Bath Soak:

-Grapefruit & Wild mint to stimulate and refresh or

-Sweet orange & Vetiver to calm and sooth, 100mls, £18 each

Natural candle collection (natural waxes with hemp wick, burning time of about 50 hrs):

Peace (Himalayan cedarwood & lime blossom),

Love (geranium, ylang ylang & oakmoss),

Harmony (sweet orange, clove & bay) special offer-3 for £30 or £15 each

Luxe Bath & Body oil intense collection(made from rare & precious oils, as the oils are blended to order, pre-ordering is required for the items below):

Sublime Rose (it is a mix of three rare roses-Persian, Otto & Wild rose & Omani Frankincense to lift and awaken the heart) 100mls £78 or

Heavenly Jasmine( a sensual fusion of exotic Jasmines, heady Sambac & Grandiflorum combined with delicate Neroli & sandalwood to uplift and inspire) 100 mls £78 or you can purchase both, wrapped as a duo for £128

to place an order call Michelle Roques-O’Neil on 0208 9691221

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