Clarisonic brush & glowing face

Quite a few of us cleanse our faces at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Generally all you need is a good cleanser and water, right? Well, Clarisonic has gone a step further, coming up with an electric face/body brush that you cleanse with and quite a few experts agree that it gives your skin a much more effective cleanse, leading to a clearer complexion, a skin glow and a much more effective skin care product penetration.

I was mulling over this, having received preview e-mails from Bliss and Cult Beauty, having seen it at SpaceNK (the sale assistant had the most wonderful skin, but I don’t know if that is because he is blessed with great skin genes or due to Clarisonic brush and effective skin care regime)  and having read about it in a few magazines.

The brush itself doesn’t come cheap-£175- but it comes with two brush heads-one for the face, another for the body, a refreshing gel cleanser (for oily skin), gentle hydro cleanser (for normal to sensitive skin), nourishing care cleanser (for dry and mature skin) and refining skin polish (for all skin types). While I was contemplating the purchase I e-mailed Jessica, one of the CultBeauty founders and asked her what she thought of this innovation. Jessica came back with a glowing review and I took a leap of faith.

Having used the brush for four days now I can say that my face definitely feels cleaner and softer after cleansing and that (I think) I have a little bit more of a skin glow. To be honest, while the Clarisonic cleansers are nice, I stick to using Jo Malone’s eucalyptus & mint frothing cleansing cream in the morning and Bliss’s clog dissolving cleansing milkin the evening but that’s a personal choice and not a criticism. But I will tell you that I found the body brush attachment a bit useless, my skin didn’t feel any different and I think on this one I will stick to the tried and tested dry body brushing in the morning.  

Would I continue using the brush? You betcha, I want to see if I can improve my skin and my glow .) even further. And in terms of the price I can say this-see if you can get a discount at any of the stockists, then it will be definitely worth the money.Clarisonic1Clarisonic2

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