It’s a proven fact that chocolate makes most of us happy and there is so much of it, be it on the supermarket shelves or in chocolate sellingcocomaya4 shops, scattered around London. But there is one jewel of a place that I am really keen to tell you about.

It is called Cocomaya and when you will get there, you will understand instantly why this place is very special indeed. Cocomaya consists of two shops-one is where you can buy chocolates-and there is so much choice, you will be hard pressed to decide which ones you want!  The lovely gentleman serving me last time told me that they keep on coming up with new flavours ALL the time. You can host a birthday party there or just get together with your girlfriends for a nice catch-up and lots of divine chocolates.

If you go around the corner, you will find another Cocomaya, which is an artisan cafe, serving delicious teas, coffees and hot chocolate in indulgently colourful porcelain cups plus you can have salads, cakes, muffins, sandwiches etc. The stuff working there is very smiley and sweet and just being there you will feel a rush of happiness and I promise you, you will smile back at people later in the day too!

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