Coffee buzz

For the last few years the one thing that really wakes me up in the morning is coffee and I only drink  Illey because it tastes great and smells of roasted coffee beans like no other brand does. I try to limit myself to one great tasting cup a day, because if I drink an expresso in the evening I end up bouncing off the walls until the whee hours ( a tip: if you put a few drops of Grappa into it, it will give you enough buzz to keep going for a good few hours, especially if you are studying or working late into the night-but I do mean just a few drops, otherwise it loses it’s magic potency).

Coffee, though, does have a few downsides: it can stain your teeth and raise your blood pressure, so when I recently read that Margo Marrone of the Organic Pharmacy advises to follow a cup of coffee with a glass of water, to help flush the caffeine faster, I took it on board. Maybe you should try it too….

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